I love Kings Park – Perth, W.A.

We’ve been back from Perth forever and a day, but I have to share with you my love for Kings Park. You might remember these picture from Wednesday Words To Live By which I took in the gardens.

The Queen enjoyed the Perth sights the other week and when I heard that she was visiting Kings Park, my heart fluttered.

If I lived in Perth, I would visit Kings Park on a weekly basis. It is stunning. It’s a beautiful place to run, ride your bike, have a picnic or wander through.

I have to say, our photos don’t do it justice.

If you go to “The West” you must visit Kings Park.


My first look at Mamarapha College, W.A.

One of the highlights of visiting Perth was seeing where Richie went to Bible college. As a young man, he flew to “the West” to attend Mamarapha College not knowing a single soul. It was arranged that he would be picked up from the airport by John Beck, a fellow student, and dropped off at a home where he would board. On the road below, he told me the full story and said that it was one of the toughest things he has ever done in his life.

Mamarapha College is a tertiary level Bible college that aims to help Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women grow and develop in all dimensions of life.

Richie attended Mamarapha straight after his one year stint at Avondale College. His campus was located on the school grounds of Carmel Adventist College. Mamrapha has since moved to this new property – an old public school in the Perth Hills.

Even though moving across the country was scary, he ended up making friends with people who, to this day, stand as some of his best mates. Like Darren… remember Darren?

Darren and Richie hit it off straight away at college. Can you tell?

If you know anyone of indigenous background, encourage them to look into attending. It changed Richie’s life forever.

For more infomation on the amazing college go here.

This time last week…

… I finished reading my book on the red roads of the western desert in W.A.

It took me about 4-5 days to read.

I haven’t read a book cover to cover in 4-5 days since David Beckhams autobiography.

True story.

I think the guys would find it a bit boring, but the girls will lap it up. Ree from The Pioneer Woman has not just written her sappy love-story, but has exposed her search for identity, purpose, and how it all flipped after getting married.

This is a really good read and I recommend it highly.