An Orange pit-stop

Our great friends Steve and Tara offered us a bed at their home in Orange to help break up the massive trip that was before us.

Truth be told, they were meant to come to Sydney for the weekend but had to cancel as a couple of the kids were sick. So Richie and I decided to start travelling a day earlier and have a pit-stop at their home as we really didn’t want to miss seeing them. We were so happy we did as haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! You know that kind of laughing that ends up in ugly-crying/laughing and stomach aches? The kind that generally only happens with old friends? Yep that was us Saturday night.

Aunty Richie (Yep, Aunty Richie and Uncle Bec!) did an excellent job of entertaining all of us for the entire afternoon. There were jokes about “Jesus loves tomatoes” (I swear Cooper said that, not “Cheese and Tomatoes”!!), kids balancing on beach balls and plenty of other shenanigans too. Richie decided to give Mackenzie a new nickname. Apparently Mack, or Mackie, or Mackenzie are too hard to remember, and at lunch he called her Maddy or Maddison, then swiftly corrected it with Mikita.

Nice job sweetheart!


Kicking beach balls inside the house on Sabbath afternoon is always fun!


Coop and Mackie practice balancing.


Kids giggling is the best – isn’t it?


It’s Youtube story telling time.


Uncle Richie showing Shamu videos from Sea World.

Thanks so much for having us guys! We love you and cherish your friendship. We can’t wait to get back out to visit.