Friday Nights are the best


Friday nights are really special to us and these days, it is very rare to “have a quiet one” at home. In more cases than not, we are hanging out with our Wahroonga Teens, or at Super Fridayz, or at One Way, or at Live@TheChapel or at Soul Sisters.

It is a busy and full life, but we love it.

Last night we got to hang out with these legends and it was so much fun.

We picked up 29 of the crew and headed down to the beach for an early dinner before Sabbath. Some of our teens invited friends from school to come along and it is incredible to see our group multiple each time we hang.

As I stood and chatted with some of the Mum’s before leaving, I got to be front row eye-witness to a big first-time introduction: “Mum, this is my girlfriend…”.

It was so awesome!

This is the life.

Serving. Hanging. Eating. Loving.


Last Sabbath of 2012

Today included, but was not limited to:

Workout | Site dedication | Worship | Received our World Changer Bibles | Lunch | Hung out/helped the Head Chef and kitchen staff | Bribie Island | swimming | picnic dinner | Close of Sabbath | ice-cream

Thankful for a restful Sabbath and a great day with family and friends.



Spectacular Sabbath Day


After one of the best sermons I’ve heard all year at church, I came home and snoozed in Nona’s recliner. In fact, I stayed there all afternoon. The warmth of the sun made it very easy. You see, I really wasn’t feeling the greatest after church but the weather and the view out to our un-kept garden, made the rest of the day spectacular.

David Weslake preached at Churchside today and he had me in tears. I came home wrecked, but in a good way. He really challenged me to think outside the box and reassess how I pray for people in my life. The best way Richie and I could describe the content of his sermon was that it was all “meat”. If you want to know what we mean by “meat” go look up 1 Corinthians 3:2.

I’m so grateful for Sabbath where I can sit in the sun and just relax. What a blessing.



Happy Sabbath from Madeira

20110806-025222.jpgSabbath Lunch at Marcus’ Grandma & Grandpa’s

Happy Sabbath from Madeira.

I haven’t blogged since last month – it’s been a bit of a hiatus and that is because there has been no time to blog during this crazy week. I really need to go back and fill in the blanks since Lourdes.

At lunch today Marcus asked me why I hadn’t blogged about Madeira.

I told him I didn’t like it.

I lied.

So here it is Marcus!!!

This place is incredible. The landscape is stunningly diverse. The mountains feel like the Himalayas (summits more like Aussie alpine), the small fishing village up the road looks like something from the Greek Isles and the weather feels kinda like Hawaii. There are no level roads in Funchal, except for the freeway to the airport. You either go up or down the side of the mountain and the roads are steep and narrow.

My photos are going to be a bit ordinary so you need to watch out for my blogging sister… hint hint Fan!

We’ve had a fun time in Madeira, (that’s a bit of an understatement really) and no doubt we’ll come back and do some more walking and exploring in a few years with Marcus and Vanessa.

20110806-025314.jpgThe view from Grandma’s driveway

20110806-025339.jpgFishing village at Camera de Lobos – close to where Winston Churchill lived

20110806-030545.jpg Summit of Pico do Arieiro – 3rd highest mountain on 1818 metres. This is where we opened Sabbath last night.

Happy Sabbath from Toulouse, France

Hi Team.

Happy Sabbath from Toulouse.

We went to church this morning and met some really nice people who spoke to us in English. This is a big deal for us, because we haven’t found a lot of people south of Carcassonne who do – our Frenglish is getting a massive work-out. The service was in French and I impressed Richie with how I sang along to all the french praise and worship songs. Just as we perfect our Frenglish, we’ll cross the boarder and start speaking Spanglish.

Back to our hotel we went for a relaxing arvo and Richie played YouTube vids of his favourite hymns. Hilariously, he sung along to every one of them. He came across this one which I felt I needed to share. The honky-tonk piano rules and the kid is a classic.


Lavish Unfailing Love – Happy Sabbath

Courtesy of From London with Love


Exodus 20:6 –

New Living Translation (NLT)

6 But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those[a] who love me and obey my commands.

Have you ever looked up the definition of lavish?

It has these words attached to its meaning:


Giving in great amounts.

To give without limits.


Open Handed.





Think on that for a minute. God’s love for us is all of the above – and MORE.

Is this not beyond awesome?

Yep. Way beyond.

Happy Sabbath Peeps.

I heart Sabbath

This is the attitude in our house when Sabbath comes in…

Courtesy of netta

If it’s not done by sunset Friday, it can wait till after Sabbath on Saturday night.

It’s my guilt free day off and it’s God’s gift to me and I aint gonna waste it.

One of the many reasons I heart Sabbath.

On the running sheet for this weekend:

  • Dinner at the Parentals, minus John Pye – he’s somewhere in the Never Never of the Northern Territory bush walking with National Parks & Wildlife.
  • Maybe a little trail run or jalk (jog-slash-walk) down the Jungo before church with MP & VP
  • Church K-Ville style with Pot luck lunch – always a winner.
  • E-man’s (Emmett) 1st B’day Bonanza at W-Gah – this time last year we were on the road to Atlanta for the General Conference. The day this little nugget was born Clare woke us up with the news when we were staying here at the Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia.

Happy Sabbath people – Hope you have a great weekend.

Happy Sabbath & Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth

Yay for Sabbath and Yay for Long Weekends and Queen Elizabeth!!!

I found this awesome picture on which I thought was a cool to share.

Photo courtesy of – Go check out these photos and hunt down the little boy lying on the grass wearing oversized converse – super cute!

This week has been a great week and the highlights roll like this…

Cade Cherry was born.

Richie and I were asked to be Ushers at the wedding of some close friends.

We listed  some lovely new properties – on market in next week or so.

We sold some lovely properties – one was in a suburb where I’ve never sold before.

Enjoy your weekend and pray for Richie as he is on his way to Melbourne to preach at the Pathfinder Expedition. He is sleeping in the back of a car and we need to pray that it doesn’t snow.

Happy Sabbath!

My Week

Happy Sabbath!

Our household is so glad it’s Friday night – We are relaxed and we are calm.

Here are a few photos from my week.


Finally we are #winning with growing rocket – 2nd time lucky. The other batch failed misreably and I don’t know why. It was this week that I noticed how well it was doing…


Early morning inspection at The Penthouse. Lovin the sunlight…


Waiting for a prospective purchaser in the warm winter sun at Yardley Avenue.


Wearing my Body Lines/ BCS’ compression tights while doing a TRX class is definitely a good idea. I had zero after effects of pain unlike last Wednesday night’s class – I was still sore on Sunday.  I’m on the tread mill here killing time.


Friday night dinner – Rosemary & Thyme Chook with baked veg’s.

Enjoy your weekend Kids!

Feliz Sábado

Happy Sabbath! I’m so thankful that Friday has come around so quickly again.

I’m hoping the running sheet for the weekend will look like this:

Sabbath – worshiping at the K-Ville’s Church Camp at Crosslands.

Saturday Night – maybe I could twist Richie’s arm to go to Candelori’s again (which reminds me I need to finish the post sitting in my drafts about the last time we went there) or maybe hanging with MP/VP?!?!?

Sunday – massive clean-up of the house and yard, including getting stuff ready for the curb-side clean-up. There will be an open house chucked in the mix from 11:30-12pm and maybe some pilates and some blogging – not at the same time for obvious reasons. Maybe cook up a pot of soup or a a roast chook to keep Richie happy.

Put your hand up if you love Council Clean-up or roast chook!

So hope you have a restful weekend.

Love you long time,

The Reids

Happy Sabbath

What an awesome week!

Does anyone else feel like Friday came around really quickly? Last Sunday night, I actually prayed for that to happen.

This week we had to kiss Summer good-bye and we were forced to say hello to Autumn. I really enjoyed this past summer especially the late Sunday night beach swims with Richie/VP/MP, the flooded Camporee at Toowoomba, and of course the 2nd Honeymoon in NZ. There were plenty of adventures but it still doesn’t beat “The Summer of Love” when I met Richie in Fiji. One day I’ll write about it like Pioneer Woman has done. One day…

I love this vid below. I found it a couple of years ago on Yes GODTUBE – no joke. WordPress, doesn’t like Godtube, so I’ve hunted it down on YouTube for your enjoyment. It’s worth listening to.

Happy Sabbath – may we all be led to the Cross.

Happy New Year

Brisbane 4.15am, 31 December 2010

This was the last sunrise for 2010.

It was a cracker morning, as it was a cracker year.

Happy New Year and Happy Sabbath Crew :)

Last night we had the blessing and privilege of being at the ATSIM (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries) Camp. We left Camporee at Toowoomba and flew into Sydney yesterday, so Richie could preach. Everyone said they enjoyed his sermon based on the hymn “Take My Life And Let It Be” and some of his personal testimony. I’ve heard his life story and testimony many times before and it still makes me cry… like I and many others, did last night. We got to meet up with a ton of friends and I was introduced to a heap of other people who have had an impact on Richie’s life.

It was a really great way to bring 2010 to a close.

I know it’s Monday, but, “This Saturday, I’m grateful for…”

I wrote this on Saturday morning and ran out the door without publishing it. So here is my “This Saturday, I’m grateful for…” post, even though it is Monday morning. Hope everyone enjoys their week. :)

1. Sabbath – I can’t help it. I might just start with this every time I do a post like this. I’ll be working 6 days this week – literally, so I am taking Sabbath with both hands and with an open heart graciously thanking God for a day I can have guilt-free time off from the world and focus on building my relationship with Him.

2. Brooke Fraser – this week Vanessa and I got our tickets to a little concert where the lovely Brooke Fraser will perform. When buying the tickets online, she was stressing a little regarding the seating arrangements and I encouraged her to relax that we could sit on the floor and still enjoy it. “I don’t care where we are, we just needed to be in that room!” I told her. This week I went to Sisterhood at Hillsong on Thursday morning and Bobbie gave us a little insight into the song Flags from Brooke’s album. She read from an email that Brooke had sent her that she had written the song in her apartment in L.A. this year after watching the Sisterhood Morning session on DVD from Colour – Conf 1. She had to stop watching because she was crying so much. One of the presenters was Chris Caine who was talking about the huge war on human trafficking and the massive fight that we should all be stepping up to participate in. I was there in that audience listening to it live and my girlfriends and I had massive tears streaming down our faces too. I’m thankful for the insight into this song. It means much more now than just beautiful lyrics with a nice tune. There’s guts, there’s skin and a there’s a heart-beat to that song.

3. Twitter – yes I’m grateful for twitter. Why, I hear you ask? Because I can choose the messages that enter my world and sphere of thinking. For instance, I follow people like Charles Spurgeon (No, he is not alive), CS Lewis (same), Ps Rick Warren, Queen Rania plus quite a few pastors and churchies  – not to mention heaps of friends and family. I love that I can get a snap-shot into their lives and that I receive a lot of small, positive messages.

So, what are you grateful for?

This post was inspired by my friend Kym from A day in the life of Us.