Richie’s Story – “My Life, My Joy, My All”




Richie shared his story at Church this past Sabbath and you can watch it online here: – his sermon starts around 45-46mins.

This is in fact just a small fraction of the entire story, but it is a great insight into how God has destined him to lead, encourage, care and challenge others.

Last night I overheard him explain to a few ladies a bit more of the puzzle of how he ended up in the Reid’s home. One of his sisters watched the service online from the North Coast of NSW and rang him straight after. She added another layer of insight to his story.

She explained that their Mum and Dad had fostered other children before Richie and his little brother Rodney arrived. He actually always knew this, but what he didn’t know is that his parents had desperately tried through Queensland Family Services to have a pair of young brothers live with them on a permanent basis. They were devastated when told that the kids had to move on to another home.

How many times do we become upset, or even angry, about our circumstances?

God had the bigger picture. He always does. I am 100% confident that the Reid’s prayed and prayed, and agonised over this decision.  But God had a bigger and better plan.

He does every time.

Jeremiah 29:11


Wednesday Words to Live By – James 5:16


The other night I caught Richie eating Vegemite by the spoonful. He told me he hadn’t bought any malaria tablets for his trip to the Solomon’s yet and it was his preventative measure until he got a script.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn, Richie is flying out and can you believe it, it was yesterday he visited a doctor to get a script. Anyway, he met this lovely Egyptian doctor and he asked Richie why he needed the pills. Richie explained that he was a pastor and that he was going over to do some mission work.

“You must remember to pray for me.” the doctor said to Rich.

“I’ll pray for you now!” Richie insisted.

So there in a small bulk-bill surgery in Auburn, Richie prayed for his doctor.

Sweet, eh?

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. James 5:16 NLT

Date Night – North Bondi Beach







We had a brilliant day yesterday.

While Richie relaxed and unpacked from our house-sitting gig, I went to work and sold a property – Love it! Best of all, we had a fantastic Date Night down at Bondi. He is going away next week to a Summer Camp down south to preach so it was awesome to spend some quality time together eating Thaina Box.

P.S. We actually had 2 Date Nights in a row this week. I failed to mention that! The first one on Wednesday night was waffles and a movie. Go see War Horse – it is incredible. There is Oscar buzz surrounding this one, but I wasn’t all that impressed with the end scene.

P.P.S. We got Messina for desert. The best.


Later Skater!

Right now, Richie is on a flight to Tonga.

A couple of hours ago, he sent me a text saying he arrived safely in Auckland and that he got to watch Monte Carlo on the plane – he said “it was beautiful!!!”. You know that Monte Carlo is a chick flick, don’t you?!?! I love my husband!!

The reason for this trip is not to go soak up the sun on the beautiful white beaches of Tonga, but to preach at the Youth Rally this weekend held in Nukuʻalofa. It’s his first time to Tonga and I know it will be an amazing experience for him.

Yesterday, the below couple of photos were taken so he could show it in one of his sessions.

Some of the legendary kids with Polynesian backgrounds jumped in for a bit of fun – check out the kid on the far right pointing his tongue out! Classic!

Just as I was finalising this post, I recieved another text from Richie. This one reads:

“Onboard flight Auckland to Tonga and I can smell KFC in the cabin.”

Happy Times!

An Afternoon at The Goring

The first couple of days on our first leg of the European Adventure has been brilliant.

Staying in Piccadilly, while in London, is incredibly central. Yeah its loud, but it adds to the atmosphere. To be honest, we’ve been too tired at night to notice.

Yesterday afternoon, Richie and I grabbed ourselves a London Cabby to drop us down to Beeston Place (out the back of Buckingham Palace) for an afternoon of Full Tea at The Goring.

We'll come back to you Ma'am - Corner of Buckingham Palace

What’s another word for brilliant? It was (INSERT HERE)!!!!!!!!

When we arrived, the maitre d’s asked what name our reservation was under and she replied with “Oh Yes, Mr Reid, you are guests of Mr Jeremy.” Mr Jeremy is Jeremy Goring – The owner. He is good surfing mates with one of our groomsmen and there were a ton of emails going back and forth between he and Richie trying to score an “affordable” package for a nights  stay. As it is peak season and the “affordable” package wasn’t in our affordable range, we opted for Full Tea instead.

So she continues, “Mr Jeremy would like for you to have a glass of champagne on him.” We thank her and say we don’t drink alcohol and she said, “What would you like instead, we’ll get anything you want. Would you like a mocktail?” I agree gratefully, and Richie replies with “I’ll have a coke, thanks.” CLASSY!

Lady Muck and Little Lord Fauntleroy

I think we drank 5-6 cups of tea each, and I ate all the Salmon sandwiches (and asked for a seconds refill), Richie dug into the Guinea Fowl and Mushroom sandwiches, we shared the Egg and Watercress sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, a selection of deserts, which truthfully, we couldn’t finish.

Sorry about the photo below – WordPress doesn’t want to let me rotate it. So rotate your head :)

"Repeat after me. The rain in Spain, falls mainly on the plain."

Look Clare, there's Bill getting into a cab!

Thanks Richie for the surprise and the fun afternoon – He had this all stitched up and only told me that we were going the day before leaving Australia. What a memory and a great story to tell the Grandkids.

Happy Sabbath & Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth

Yay for Sabbath and Yay for Long Weekends and Queen Elizabeth!!!

I found this awesome picture on which I thought was a cool to share.

Photo courtesy of – Go check out these photos and hunt down the little boy lying on the grass wearing oversized converse – super cute!

This week has been a great week and the highlights roll like this…

Cade Cherry was born.

Richie and I were asked to be Ushers at the wedding of some close friends.

We listed  some lovely new properties – on market in next week or so.

We sold some lovely properties – one was in a suburb where I’ve never sold before.

Enjoy your weekend and pray for Richie as he is on his way to Melbourne to preach at the Pathfinder Expedition. He is sleeping in the back of a car and we need to pray that it doesn’t snow.

Happy Sabbath!

A little reunion… Brisbane Adventist College

Not last weekend… but the weekend before, Richie & I were in Brisbane catching up with people from his past.

We stayed with our fabulous friend Karyn and there were plenty of jokes shared about being caned, copying homework, throwing rocks, playing in flood drains and putting the hose up bus exhausts… It was BAC’s 45th Anniversary and it was a good excuse for a bit of a reunion.


Richie flew up on Thursday as he was asked to preach/give his testimony on Friday night. On Sabbath, when I had arrived, heaps of people told me how well he had spoken and how much they had enjoyed hearing his old stories.

Friday night he shared some good memories, and some not so great memories with the 200-300 strong crowd. At one end of the spectrum, while he was quite young, he was given a remedial teacher to help him with his schoolwork. This teacher ended up telling his parents that there was no point continuing as he was Aboriginal, and he would never amount to anything. If only she could see him now! Don’t start me – I’ll get on my soap-box.

Now at the other end of the memory spectrum, Richie shared that his school was his Aboriginal sacred site. It was also his Christian sacred site as this place, to him, was  holy ground –  it was here that he met Jesus Christ for the first time.


Richie was School Captain in his final year at High School and truth be told, in the younger years, he was one of the naughtiest kids in the school. Uncle Jim Searle, the Deputy Principal for many years, got up the front on Sabbath and said that he should have been paid over-time for all the after-school hours he spent with Richie in hard labour trying to prevent him from getting expelled.


In the photo above I can spot 2 teachers from my days at SAC – Miss Madden (now Mrs Meany – she really was the loveliest teacher!), right up the front on the far left and the lady in red right in front of me who taught me General Science whose name I can’t remember!


Oh bless.


Sorry for the blur, but I was keen to show you Richie & Hayley’s “Before and After” shot.



This is Uncle Jim (or Mr Searle to everyone at school). I walked straight up to him when I saw Richie having a yak and a giggle with him and said, “Hello, I would like to shake the hand of the man who use to give my husband the cane!” We had a good laugh. Richie told me no matter how many times Uncle Jim would cane him, at the end of every year he would always take him a present. One year Richie gave him a Hyper-colour t-shirt and another year he gave Mr Searle a Roger Rabbit stuffed toy.


This sweet man, an old teacher of Richie’s, came up to me and said “Richie is my Guardian Angel. He saved my life once.” Mr Miller went on to tell us that one class he had a “flighty student” who he ended up getting kicked out. He was angry and started yelling at this kind teacher. To the class it seemed liked he was going to flip out and pick up a desk. So Richie, brazenly stood up beside Mr Miller and gave the impression that if the student tried to take-on Mr Miller, Richie was going to step-in and open up a can. “Don’t worry Sir, he wouldn’t have got to you. I would have flatened him.” Imagine that! Richie trying to be a tough guy.


Richie & Andrew in their year book. Note Andrew’s ambition: “To be like Benny Hill.”


That night we were invited to the Reunion Dinner held down at “The Glen”. Richie told more stories of how he and his friends use to eat all the food supplies out of the food tech room and how they use to get caught kissing in the dark-room.


Next day we headed off to the School Fete held on the oval. We saw Uncle Paul, the copper, from Park Ridge church (Richie’s childhood church).


Richie challenged Uncle Paul to a discussion about how inaccurate speed cameras/lasers are on the police motorbike and Uncle Paul showed Richie what he does when teenagers refuse to be cuffed. Can you see Richie’s shoulder and elbow popping?

So our flash visit to Brisbane was excellent. Weren’t there for a long time, but a good time.

P.S. Richie just pulled up a booklet called “Brisbane Adventist College – A Short History” which was given to him at the reunion and launched that weekend. He is featured in the following excerpt:

“A BAC First

Of particular pleasure for Principal Mr Brian Robinson was the election in 1995 of Richie Reid as College Captain. Richie was the first indigenous student to hold that office. Not only was Richie baptised into the Adventist church in a campus baptism, he went on to ministerial training at Avondale College and subsequently served the church in Queensland as a pastor, school chaplain and Conference youth leader. He is currently chaplain at Sydney Adventist College. Richie is representative not only of the best of indigenous Australians but also the quality of student at BAC.”

What would Mrs Remedial Teacher say now?

Richie’s New (ish-but-not-really) Chaplaincy Office

Today Richie had his first tertiary lecturing gig at Avondale College. He is taking two 2-hour  lectures on chaplaincy for the Theology students which continues tomorrow.

My favourite of Richie’s chaplaincy quotes is “My church may not have a steeple but it has a bell which rings every 50 minutes.”

With this gig in mind I thought it was time to show some picts of his new (ish-but-not-really) office. Really the Micah 6:8 sign writing is the newest addition to the office and it makes the whole kit-and-kaboodle feel new.

Like the mural and the red seats? The kids named them “The Hands of God”.

Can you see the Queen and John Howard in the photos?

Feliz Sábado

Happy Sabbath! I’m so thankful that Friday has come around so quickly again.

I’m hoping the running sheet for the weekend will look like this:

Sabbath – worshiping at the K-Ville’s Church Camp at Crosslands.

Saturday Night – maybe I could twist Richie’s arm to go to Candelori’s again (which reminds me I need to finish the post sitting in my drafts about the last time we went there) or maybe hanging with MP/VP?!?!?

Sunday – massive clean-up of the house and yard, including getting stuff ready for the curb-side clean-up. There will be an open house chucked in the mix from 11:30-12pm and maybe some pilates and some blogging – not at the same time for obvious reasons. Maybe cook up a pot of soup or a a roast chook to keep Richie happy.

Put your hand up if you love Council Clean-up or roast chook!

So hope you have a restful weekend.

Love you long time,

The Reids

Funny Richie-isms

Compassion stand - Colour Conference 2011

“Tell em I love Jason Bieber!”

– Yes you read right. JASON BIEBER! This was Richie’s response to the question “What music do you like to listen to?” He was being interviewed by a friend from Western Australia who has asked him to preach in the Junior Tent at Easter Camp.

“I’m a member of Blue Ilusion, do I get a discount?”

– This is what my Beloved said as I went to pay for an item I bought at Blue Illusion, the Australian women’s clothing and homewares company. Yes, my husband is a member. He said that he bought a clock once and they asked him if he wanted to become a member and he thought it would be a great idea.

Richie hacked my Facebook page over the weekend.

Maybe this was payback – Love ya Babe xo

Things We Loved In February

Was meant to blog about this little list the first few days of March. Nevermind…

Things we loved in February:

#5 – Turning 30 Baby, Yeah!

#4 – Weekend at the Gong – singing with 150 SDA Pastors + their families “I Surrender All” was incredible. Long morning walks on the Gong beach, late night coffee runs with our new K-Ville volunteer pastors was fun, and watching the “Old Boys” play tennis and Putt Putt Golf was hilarious.

#3 – Oscars – I went to bed at 1am and was awake at 5am, and I wasn’t even grumpy – MAJOR WIN in the Reid household according to my husband :) The day after I saw an email in my Hotmail which advertised tickets for the 2011 Oscars Live in Gold Class. One day too late! Next year I’m so going! What a cool day out!

#2 – Valentines Day without presents – why? Because my husbands presence is enough for me. Oh vomit. A double date with your sister and her husband is a winner as well.

1# Visitors – How we LOVED having Carrie and Simo stay with us. It was totally fun!

Happy Sabbath

What an awesome week!

Does anyone else feel like Friday came around really quickly? Last Sunday night, I actually prayed for that to happen.

This week we had to kiss Summer good-bye and we were forced to say hello to Autumn. I really enjoyed this past summer especially the late Sunday night beach swims with Richie/VP/MP, the flooded Camporee at Toowoomba, and of course the 2nd Honeymoon in NZ. There were plenty of adventures but it still doesn’t beat “The Summer of Love” when I met Richie in Fiji. One day I’ll write about it like Pioneer Woman has done. One day…

I love this vid below. I found it a couple of years ago on Yes GODTUBE – no joke. WordPress, doesn’t like Godtube, so I’ve hunted it down on YouTube for your enjoyment. It’s worth listening to.

Happy Sabbath – may we all be led to the Cross.

Choosing to Cheat

Our lovely next door neighbours gave Richie a book for his birthday called “Choosing to Cheat” by Andy Stanley, Pastor of Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta.

We cracked it out on our recent New Zealand adventure and started to read it while we were on the road.

Below is a quote from the following page which was a “Uhuh” moment for me personally.

“So let me take some pressure off you. Your problem is not discipline. Your problem is not organisation. Your problem is not that you have yet stumble onto the perfect schedule. And your problem is not that the folks at home demand too much of your time. The problem is there is not enough time to get everything done that you are convinced – or others have convinced you – needs to get done. ” Page 21, Choosing to Cheat, Andy Stanley, Multnomah Books, 2002.

We are now half way through the book and so far it’s fantastic. There are too many great quotes for me to post here – just go buy it. It has already made us start questioning how we can do life better in 2011 to improve our relationship and our family life. These kind of books may not be your cup-of-tea, but there are some challenging thoughts that will make you re-evaluate your priorities.

Maybe it’s a good Christmas gift for someone you might know.

“Where to Sir?” – a funny Richie story

In 2003, Richie flew to London to attend our friends wedding.

He stayed in “The Aussie House” in Anson Rd, Cricklewood, North London NW2 4AL – just in case you wanted the postcode. Bronny reckons they could start a Facebook group page of all the people who have ever stayed (long or short-term) in the house and would have about a million people in the group.

Last night, on the way home from picking Bronny up from the airport, she told us how that weekend, her and her girlfriends in Melbourne were reminiscing about old London times. Laughing themselves stupid, her friend Hayley announced that Richie and Andrew (Morrison) were two of Bronwyn’s funniest friends and that they would always have her in hysterics. They were particularly in stitches over the story of when they sent Richie back to the airport after Murray and Davina’s wedding.

He jumped into the taxi and the lovely man behind the steering wheel asked,

“Where to Sir?”

In a Buzz Lightyear voice and with one finger raised Richie replied,

“To Australia!!!”

Credit goes to Bronwyn Elizabeth Cherry with her assistance in the legitimacy of this story and the photos. Yes Marcus, this is another true story which Bronwyn has clarified.

David after Dentist

When we were in Texas a few months ago, we stayed with our cousins Artro, Zonia, Sebby & Carolina. Artro is a dentist and one night he and Sebby introduced us to David.

We laughed for hours! Below is the evidence of Richie wetting his pants with laughter.

I thought about this while getting ready for work this morning. I was off sick yesterday with a raging throat and today the razor blades are a smidgen better. But I thought to myself, heck things could be so much worse. So I found David on YouTube and had a giggle to get my self energised for the day ahead.

Hope you find it hilarious too.

Enjoy your day.