Wednesday Words to Live By – Psalm 55:22

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This past week, one of our close friends was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. This has been very hard news to receive.

Our mate, who is just 36 years old, has a 5 month old daughter, a 2.5 year old son and a stunning wife of just 4 years.

Tonight I am grateful that we can cast all our cares upon Him and know that He will sustain us. We’ve been reading Psalms over the past week and tonight Richie sat with our mate flipping through scripture.

I’ve got to ask you pray for my friend and his family.

In Jesus’ name, I ask you to pray that God’s will shall unfold. That God will sustain our mate, plus his family and all who support and that if it is His will, that his health will fully be restored.



Wednesday Words to Live By – “Stir in me…”

Tomorrow is the start of another Colour Conference and I am very very excited.

I shot off early to the airport this afternoon, to pick-up Karyn who is coming with us to Colour for the first time. After a quick feast of Thai and a Dominos pizza pick-up we tore out to our church at Kellyville to feed the 15 or so kids who were practicing for the Combined SDA Schools Day of Worship with Richie. You want to know what Pastor’s wives get up to in the evening? “Oh Babe, do you reckon you can pick up 12 pizza’s for the kids?” “Yeah, righto.”

Searching around the internet this morning looking for inspiration for Wednesday Words, I found a set of beautiful photos of pen draawings on Flickr within ‘s photostream.

These are awesome! My favourites are July 31 and July 29 – please go and check out her stuff. I love her work and you can see it all here.

As mentioned, I love July 31 and July 29. But July 29 does stand out big time for me. I did a little research on where the inspiration for this card comes from. It turns out it comes from the song “Stir in Me” by Todd Proctor.  The chorus is truly on my heart and is my prayer going into Colour.


Hold me, break me
Mold me and make me more and more like You
I’ve come to worship You
Love You, fear You
Draw ever near You as I worship You
I’ve come to worship You

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My friend KShiz aka Aunty Karyn wrote a great blog post today/yday and I’m stealing it.

Hope you like it.

Subscribe to her blog – you will find it to be raw, gritty, honest blogging… it’s a great read.

Coo-eee Aunty.

So my friend Bec – got me into this whole blogging business. You can check out her blog over at Adventures of a Pastor's Wife. I love that I get to see a little snapshot in their lives – and to feel like I am part of their adventures, especially as Bec & Rich live ALL THAT WAY down in Sydney… Anyway – Bec posted today and I just love the topic. You should go check her out: Wednesday Words to Live By – 2 Corinthians 4:9 I love the image … Read More

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My Answered Prayer

The other week, just before the road into Jindalee was cut by the rising Brisbane River, we did a mercy trip to take our friends, Andrew and Jess, a stack of drinking water as their supply got cut off. While on the road to their home, we received a text message on Richie’s phone which read:

Pastor Richie – found ur camera @ Camporee. Camera ruind, card ok. Address 2 send 2?

As I read it out loud to Richie, who was driving at the time, I screamed,


This was a total answer to prayer.


I almost started crying with excitement. Not because I was getting my dodgy point-and-shoot back, but because of the photos that were on that memory card.

You see I lost my little Sony point-and-shoot on the day that the monster storm hit our camp and we had to relocate 1000 of our 2500 kids off the camp ground into dry accommodation. For the life of me I couldn’t remember where I had sat it down, in fact I thought it may have got knocked off our table and taken away with the flood water that washed through our tent. It was a gushing river that ran through our tent that day! I had prayed about it for days and then I kissed that thing good-bye and accepted that I may not see it, or the photos from Christmas and my personal Camporee photos, again.

SO!… we rang the person who sent the SMS and the lady told us that she had attended Camporee and picked it up from the mud thinking it was some poor little Pathfinder who had dropped it. It was all dented and soaking wet and, of course, muddy. She thought instead of handing it into Lost Property she would dry it out and work out who owned it. She was one of the mums who came down to Toowoomba with the Mackay Central Pathfinder Club.

This part of the story was the incredible part…

Once the card was dry, she checked the photos and she didn’t recognise us. That is the first time I’ve heard that an Adventist Queenslander has NOT recognised Richie! So she jumped onto the AUC Camporee “Under Oath” website and found the “Under Oath” Blog and saw this media article from Toowoomba’s “The Chronicle” and THEN she recognised our faces.

She Googled my husband’s name and found Richie’s Ordination announcement in some random church bulletin and then hunted his phone number down through the Conference!

With all the flooding in Queensland, this lady and her family couldn’t get back to Mackay, and it turned out that she had driven south to Halliday Point where her in-laws lived to wait it out. This was exactly on the road home from where we had been staying post Camporee. So we swung past and got to meet her and her kids, and re-live the Camporee mud stories for a short while. Now the camera and the card are safely in our arms!

This might be minor in the scheme of the things with the flooding etc, but I felt this was a total answer to prayer for me.

Have you had an answer to prayer of late?

Sermon Prep

What does sermon prep look like in our house?

Prayer – lots of it. Happens everyday, every night, on the way to work… If you don’t have the Holy Spirit then you don’t have a sermon. You just have a story with no Godly substance. Divine inspiration is what it’s about.

The Word – the ultimate Road Map to life; a glimpse into Our Fathers heart and a glimpse in the Man who talked the talk and walked the walk. Instruction for this life and preparation for the next in Heaven.

Music – usually Gaither. Yep, Gaither. Plenty of it. Richie almost wet himself with excitement when he heard that they are coming to Sydney next year. Gaither music gets this Pastors focus set on The Cross.

Then it ends with…

“Babe, do you want to hear my sermon?”

It’s not goodbye Grandma, it’s seeya later…

It turns out that I started writing this post early last week, but I had entitled the post “Prayers fo Grandma”. Richie’s grandma wasn’t doing very well at all and it looked like her time here with us was soon to come to an end. We are now at the airport on our way to Brisbane.

Very early on Friday 15th of October, Grandma passed away peacefully in her sleep. She has just turned 92 a month ago. Tomorrow we are gathering with the extended family, not say goodbye, but seeya later to Grandma.

Grandma was an extremely active person and Richie tells me she would walk everyone, no matter the distance. A girl after my own heart really.

Richie reminded her that he we had got married late last year and her face lit up with excitment as  she responded with “Really? Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Classic. She couldn’t stop kissing his hand and his wedding ring. For those who remember, it was Grandma’s brooch which I wore on the back of my wedding dress on our wedding day. I felt it was a nice way to honour Grandma, also Rod (Richie’s Dad) and Richie since Grandma couldn’t make it to the wedding.

Below are some of the photos from my iPhone of Richie and Grandma from our visit to QLD two weeks ago. Time stood still here and I’m grateful these moments will be captured forever. These are some precious memories which Richie will hold dear for the rest of his life.

1 Thessalonians 4:16 (New International Version)

16For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.











Before we left, Richie said a prayer with her. He thanked God for his goodness in looking after Grandma and he asked that He would send angels to watch-care over Grandma until we got to see her again.

“Look after my Grandma, dear Jesus, Amen.”

Richie and the Pres (ex) get cosie

I have to say, it is a bit sad that Pastor Jan is no longer the President of the World Church.

Richie and I have had countless conversations about how it has felt like he has been the Grandfather of our church. A man who represented spiritual nurturing, care and love for the people he served. He is 78 years old, mind you it’s extremely hard to tell, and he has been ministering for something like 57 years!  But I particularly like the interest he had in the youth of the church. We need to pray that Pr Wilson will be similar.

By request of Pr Jan, the opening ceremony, began with Pr Jan praying on behalf of the congregation with 12 young people from all around the world. Richie was one of these guys and it was a great experience for him and all of the crew from the South Pacific Division were really proud to have him up there. At this stage, Pr Jan was still the president.

Here are some of the pictures from the night including Richie’s rehearsal pictures. You’ll note that some of them are out of focus, as my dear husband doesn’t bother checking settings on the camera, he just goes for it.