Get your WOSE on!

As mentioned in my previous post, this week was full-on.

Richie hosted WOSE (Week of Spiritual Emphasis) at his school (Sydney Adventist College) this year alongside the Pastoral Team and Jodi Wright from NZ. Remember last year? You can read all about that here.

This year he seemed to pack more into the week including music and choir workshops for the kids with Endless Praise, “Pasta with the Pastor” and of course the favourite each year, “Pancakes with the Pastor”. Here is a little vid from one of the workshops…

This vid is from Friday morning’s Praise & Worship

Some of the below picts are a little out of focus, but I figured you wouldn’t care. They were taken on Friday night.


Above is the lovely Linda who worked beside Richie as the program coordinator.


Billy and Jono Otto came down to play on Friday night.


Benton and Caitlin did a great job of the ice-breakers each day, and on Friday night they got Marcus up to do the Pedometer challenge against a few of the kids. It was hilarious!








Sermon Prep

What does sermon prep look like in our house?

Prayer – lots of it. Happens everyday, every night, on the way to work… If you don’t have the Holy Spirit then you don’t have a sermon. You just have a story with no Godly substance. Divine inspiration is what it’s about.

The Word – the ultimate Road Map to life; a glimpse into Our Fathers heart and a glimpse in the Man who talked the talk and walked the walk. Instruction for this life and preparation for the next in Heaven.

Music – usually Gaither. Yep, Gaither. Plenty of it. Richie almost wet himself with excitement when he heard that they are coming to Sydney next year. Gaither music gets this Pastors focus set on The Cross.

Then it ends with…

“Babe, do you want to hear my sermon?”

Growing Spiritually

Last Friday I received our Church e-Newsletter “What’s On” and the devotional at the top of the newsletter caught my eye. I really liked it and wanted to share it.

This week we picked the first tomatoes and cucumber’s from our garden plot. Earlier in the week we harvested cabbage, silver beet, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, and rocket etc from the patch. The amazing thing is that we have never seen these vegetables actually growing. The broccoli and cabbage plants we grew from tiny seeds – similar to the size of a grain of sand. They were planted in special soil which was watered regularly. After a few days of sunshine, water and healthy soil little leaves burst through the dirt. With regular watering they grew until we transplanted them into the main garden. But we never saw them growing, but they did! That’s why we’ve been enjoying garden soup and beautiful salads. These plants grew enough and matured enough to harvest.

Spiritual growth is like that. Children are planted in the soil of healthy Christian home’s where what you do is more important than what is said. The Body of Christ, the Church is also soil (healthy or unhealthy) into which people are ‘planted’. When the Son of Righteousness beams into our souls through parents, significant others and via the Holy Spirit at church the seeds of genuine Christianity sprout. Through Bible reading, prayer, and meditation; through involvement in Sabbath School, the Church Services and life of the Church we interact and grow. All of a sudden we realise that seeds of spirituality, planted years ago are blossoming in the lives of young people and adults. What was a mere ‘mustard’ seed grows into a healthy Christian person, nurtured by caring parents and ‘significant other’ church people. These people become engaged in the service of the Church and serve others, helping, caring and sharing God’s love.

Peters writes “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10. I invite you as parents and Church members to share God’s grace today and every day so that people with whom you live, mix with and associate with, will grow spiritually.

Pastor Alex Curry

I really liked this in particular: “I invite you as parents and Church members to share God’s grace today and every day so that people with whom you live, mix with and associate with, will grow spiritually.”

So who are you going to share God’s grace with today?

Photo Courtesy of

Now THAT is why I married you!

I was going to let Shabbat Shalom! be my only post tonight.

But I’ve been inspired.

My Mum works at the fabulous Sydney Adventist Hospital (aka The SAN) and we met her in their cafeteria for an early dinner. While stuffing our faces with goodness, Richie made a comment which caused an immediate reaction.

“I decided to sit facing you and the wall tonight so that I don’t make eye contact with people when they come in, because I know sooo many people and I’m sooo popular. That’s why you married me!”

After picking myself off the floor from the fit of laughter, I said “Yeah right! Like, WHATEVER!”

Then the banter continued and it totally went down hill from there with “No you married me for my body”, “No I married you so I could go to the General Conference.” “No you married me because I am so funny.” “No I married you for your money.” The list went on…

The list stopped as we walked out the door of the caf and I took the hand of my Beloved and whispered “Now THAT is why I married you!”

So, what happened that I changed my tune so quickly?

As we took our dirty dishes over to the conveyor belt which miraculously took all the leftovers/rubbish/plates etc away, Richie spotted an old and familiar man, who was in his late 70’s, sitting by himself eating his dinner. My sister rang me just as Richie said hello to the man and started making his way over to him. I stood back and chatted to Fan while Richie started to have a chat to this other guy. 5 minutes passed. 10 minutes passed. 15 minutes passed, and then I saw him bow his head put his hand on the mans shoulder, and start praying with him in the middle of the cafeteria.

After saying Amen and shaking his hand, Richie and I walked out the doors of the cafeteria.

I asked “Is everything ok with that man?”

“Yeah, I just saw that he was alone so I said that I would open Sabbath with him with a prayer.”

Like I said, the list stopped as we walked out the door. As I squeezed my Beloved’s hand I reinforced why I had married him.

“It comes naturally for you to care for people, no matter their circumstances. You’ve had a massive week. You totally could have walked away without saying anything to that man. You slept two hours last night because you drove from Sydney to Kempsey and back in one night to help out a mate, it’s the second (or third – I can’t remember!) week in a row that you are working 6 days straight, and you have to get it together to preach tomorrow.”

Now, here’s my question to you, my readers:

Who around you is lonely?

Who is the person that you so easily could walk past and think, they’ll be right.

Who is the person that this weekend, you can stop and see how they are going?

Maybe even have a prayer with?

A few quotes which have come from my week in Georgia

I love quotes.

I think we get inspiration from them, at least I do. Today Miss Tanya posted on the Amen Sister blog with a quote. I read it and thought to myself, I’ve got a quote post prepared somewhere…

Below are some quotes that I heard around about town while I was at the General Conference. Some are inspiring, some are interesting, and some are just funny. There are a stack more, the problem is I didn’t throw them on my iPhone. Consequently, I’ve totally forgotten them.

So here they are…

“Don’t worry about putting your heels on, keep your flat shoes on. No body will care.” – Someone said it to me while I was pulling my heels out of my handbag laughing and swapping them for my flats on the last Sabbath of G.C. Wow, that’s deep.

“She knows she won’t get into office, unless she passes through Ebenezer.” The Rev at Ebenezer referring to one of the church visitors who is up for state election. Hmm, I don’t know about the pulpit being a political place.

“We need a Saviour and I suggest Jesus.” – The Rev at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Loveit.

“Everybody can be great. Because everybody can serve.” Dr Martin Luther King museum. So what are you doing?

“If it’s not the Word, then it’s not worth being heard!” Dr Byrd, Friday night devotionals. Amen.

“God expects me to wear the armour that he has given me, not someone else’s.” One of the Victorians who was asked to speak in the Pastor’s Corner segment. So are you wearing yours? Are you content with yours or coveting someone else’s? Or do you have someone else’s on altogether?

“Let it spill! Let the oil of God spill!” – Dr Byrd again. Amen Elder Byrd! Do you have a booking for next Sabbath?

“Jimmy Carter was the only president who saw his presidency as an opportunity to greater things.” TV promo for Jimmy Carter Museum. Now what is the greater thing which you are working towards?

Pathfinders forever!

Heading up the highway, following the Son… we pull into this church for Sabbath and to Richie’s excitement, there was a Pathfinder Investiture that afternoon.

Northeast SDA Church itself was great. The Pastor spoke beautifully and again a fabulous friendly church with loads of people making us feel welcome. There was a fantastic communion service and we didn’t get out of church till 2pm.

How is this for a small world? The Pastor was brought to Australia to preach in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

Just a few of the many messages we received are these two which stuck out beautifully.

  1. Outside of Christ, you’re breathing to death.
  2. The things of this world can gratify, but only Christ can satisfy.

Can I get an Amen?

Pastor Ezra bringing the Word

Preach it Pastor!

God Be The Glory!

Cause we're the Pathfinders! Believe us when we say, we're heading in the right direction. Cause Jesus leads the way!

Someone's just a little excited!