Holiday House Sitting

This Christmas Richie and I get to have a little holiday out at our friends home in Kenthurst. While they are travelling in the US of A with 40-odd of our friends from church (lucky buggers!!!), we are babysitting a hen-house full of chooks and these two cheeky dogs. These photos below are some old photos from a few months ago…


Marley is an Australian Border Collie and Cassie is Bernese Mountain Dog


They are worst enemies who can’t live without each other. They remind me of our own two dogs back at the Parentals. Marley, the younger pup, will tease and tease and tease until she gets bored, and Cassie is extremely patient with her. I love these two like they are our own dogs.


These are our chooks. I’ll be honest, I’m not in love with them yet.


But they do have the best Chook-shed in Sydney :)

The above photo was taken this morning after I let them out of their little house. I’m missing one chook from the photo, but otherwise I would have captured the whole crew.

See Boys, look how happy they are all!!! :)