The Bible Garden – Palm Beach, NSW, Australia

I have a confession to make.

When I found this gorgeous little garden hidden in Palm Beach last Sunday, I was actually on a mission to find the house that The Bachelor is being filmed at.

I know, I know… *hangs head*

Last Sunday after my epic planning weekend with the other ladies from the GSC Women’s Ministries at Kurrajong Heights, Richie took me on a Sunday afternoon drive up to the Northern Beaches. At first I was a Negative Nancy thinking it was too far to go, then I realised two things:

1. In 2 months time I’m racing from Palm Beach to Manly – 35km’s to raise money and awareness for MITO –  I needed to visualise where I would be racing. You can sponsor me here – even if it is just $10 :)

2. I wanted to go see if we could find the house The Bachelor is filmed at. For no real reason at all except to see if it is in the place I imagine it is overlooking Pittwater.

After cruising up to Palm Beach with hit up some of the high roads and as I followed on Google Maps, “The Bible Garden” jumped out as a point of interest.

This is what we found…


Stunning right?

First thing I thought “Best place for a garden wedding EVER!” The girl on the right hand size at top of the steps with the boy staring up at her seemed to be in full planning mode.


What a legacy the Robinson family have left – a ministry which will never end.





For more details on this treasure you can visit their website here