Karalundi Camp, WA

I started writing this in the car last week before we lost reception for 4 days, just a short time out of Perth. Little did I know we were off on an adventure of a life time. After driving home through the night, we fell into bed at 4:15am this morning. The exhaustion has hit just in time for our looooong flight home. There will be plenty of blogging in the coming days.


We’re on the road again!

It was about this time last week I found out we were going on another little road trip. This time we were headed to WA.

Right now we are on the Great Northern Highway headed out of Perth to Meekatharra. The signs say its about 700KM from where we are.

We are in convoy with our friends Pr Darren, Cathy, Nana Coral and the kids. Plus we have a couple of Mamarapha College girls riding in the car with us.

I can’t wait to see the Western Desert and all the wildflowers.