Infinity Pools

My Dad and I are just about to launch a property to market which has a spectacular pool… an Infinity pool directly on the bush! It’s beautiful :)

I couldn’t remember for the life of me what we called them. Lucky I share a desk with Georgia who pretty much has an answer for every question when it comes to pools. She is a proud pool owner and knows every possible variation. “You know the one where it looks like thd pool goes forever… and it just drops away without an edge and the water goes over the side like a waterfall.” This was my description of the Infinity Edge Pool.

Just to make sure of spelling and details of our Infinity pool, I Googled them. I found this fantastic blog with a list of stunning pools from around the world.

I’m scrolling through the pools ooo’ing and wow’ing with Georgia and stumble across number 3 which was a pool I swam in while I was in Africa in 1997!! We stayed in Serena Lodge’s everywhere we visited when we were on Safari. It started at Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Lake Manyara – all stunning!

I couldn’t beleive it! Below is a photo of a photo (and very ordinary quality!), plus it is at a different angle… and maybe that hut isn’t there anymore. Not only is this pool absolutely beautiful, I was told by some of the Lodge staff that they found a  leopard drinking from this pool the following night. Crazy-town.