The Bible Garden – Palm Beach, NSW, Australia

I have a confession to make.

When I found this gorgeous little garden hidden in Palm Beach last Sunday, I was actually on a mission to find the house that The Bachelor is being filmed at.

I know, I know… *hangs head*

Last Sunday after my epic planning weekend with the other ladies from the GSC Women’s Ministries at Kurrajong Heights, Richie took me on a Sunday afternoon drive up to the Northern Beaches. At first I was a Negative Nancy thinking it was too far to go, then I realised two things:

1. In 2 months time I’m racing from Palm Beach to Manly – 35km’s to raise money and awareness for MITO –  I needed to visualise where I would be racing. You can sponsor me here – even if it is just $10 :)

2. I wanted to go see if we could find the house The Bachelor is filmed at. For no real reason at all except to see if it is in the place I imagine it is overlooking Pittwater.

After cruising up to Palm Beach with hit up some of the high roads and as I followed on Google Maps, “The Bible Garden” jumped out as a point of interest.

This is what we found…


Stunning right?

First thing I thought “Best place for a garden wedding EVER!” The girl on the right hand size at top of the steps with the boy staring up at her seemed to be in full planning mode.


What a legacy the Robinson family have left – a ministry which will never end.





For more details on this treasure you can visit their website here


A little lunch-time blogging – Gardening in the kitchen


The above photo was taken at my work desk last Friday. I decided to take these bad boys home and give them a new place to live.

It’s too cold to be outside gardening, so last night I decided to bring it inside… into our kitchen.

It was the best spot. It was warm and bright and was a great opportunity to pot my cuttings. Yesterday I got a hot tip from Georgia to stuff those puppies in some soil and just forget about them – the absolute best way to handle succulents apparently.




So after a cut up my first stage of pumpkin and stuffed my oven full of it, I prepped a little pose on the tiles in the middle of the kitchen.





I decided to pop Swan River Daisy’s in the other larger pot.


End result.

When I finish Oxfam…

So it here it is.   

This is my list.   

Its kinda like a Bucket List, and kinda not.   

It’s a list filled with stuff I want to do after I survive the Oxfam Trailwalker race.   

If you have been hiding under a rock, this is THE race that I foolishly said yes to participating in. It is 100kms in 48 hours from Brooklyn to Mosman through the bush and a tad of suburbia. It is another way to torture yourself and shave a few years off your life. Only a few days ago my brother-in-law emailed me about the apparent Bush Fear which is circling us. Apparently he had read that at 80km you begin to have internal bleeding in your knees. HOMYGOODNESS. Yep, HO-MY-GOOD-NESS. You see, it’s a 100km non stop. I mean you get to take pee breaks and stuff… and eat. But there is no time to go home to have a nana-nap. The clock just keeps ticking.   

Every morning this past week I’ve been waking up at 3am and the first thing I think of is “You’d be walking still if this was Oxfam Weekend.” I think it is because it is August and the race is about 3 weeks away. It’s a scary feeling.   

Our encouragement to each other when we did Kokoda was “Toughen up princess.” That doesn’t fit for Oxfam… and it’s old. Our new Oxfam saying is “You’ll be right.” It’s what my brother-in-law says to my sister in the perfect condescending voice. I can’t help but laugh every time he says it. It gets her all firey, its hi-lar-ious. All I hear in my head when we are in the bush training is “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “YOU’LL BE RIGHT!” YES YOUR KNEES ARE BLEEDING ON THE INSIDE, BUT YOU’LL BE RIGHT!”   

So! Back to the list….   

When I finish Oxfam…   

1. I’m going to weed the garden and plant my camellia’s.   

Why? Because it’s been neglected since Autumn before we went to America and every weekend since we have been back has been spent trekking 30km’s minimum. 

It needs some love. 


Hello Weeds!