Friday Nights are the best


Friday nights are really special to us and these days, it is very rare to “have a quiet one” at home. In more cases than not, we are hanging out with our Wahroonga Teens, or at Super Fridayz, or at One Way, or at Live@TheChapel or at Soul Sisters.

It is a busy and full life, but we love it.

Last night we got to hang out with these legends and it was so much fun.

We picked up 29 of the crew and headed down to the beach for an early dinner before Sabbath. Some of our teens invited friends from school to come along and it is incredible to see our group multiple each time we hang.

As I stood and chatted with some of the Mum’s before leaving, I got to be front row eye-witness to a big first-time introduction: “Mum, this is my girlfriend…”.

It was so awesome!

This is the life.

Serving. Hanging. Eating. Loving.