Richie’s Story – “My Life, My Joy, My All”




Richie shared his story at Church this past Sabbath and you can watch it online here: – his sermon starts around 45-46mins.

This is in fact just a small fraction of the entire story, but it is a great insight into how God has destined him to lead, encourage, care and challenge others.

Last night I overheard him explain to a few ladies a bit more of the puzzle of how he ended up in the Reid’s home. One of his sisters watched the service online from the North Coast of NSW and rang him straight after. She added another layer of insight to his story.

She explained that their Mum and Dad had fostered other children before Richie and his little brother Rodney arrived. He actually always knew this, but what he didn’t know is that his parents had desperately tried through Queensland Family Services to have a pair of young brothers live with them on a permanent basis. They were devastated when told that the kids had to move on to another home.

How many times do we become upset, or even angry, about our circumstances?

God had the bigger picture. He always does. I am 100% confident that the Reid’s prayed and prayed, and agonised over this decision.  But God had a bigger and better plan.

He does every time.

Jeremiah 29:11


First Day at the Office for 2013



Yesterday was our first day at Wahroonga Adventist Church in an official capacity. We mainly hung out with the Teens, but we did get to meet a ton of new people after the main service and catch-up with some old friends.

I like not knowing what the future holds and I trust God has got 2013 in His hand. I truly am looking forward to an unbelivable 2013.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Happy Weekend!

Can’t wait to hang out with our friends and family this weekend – starting from tonight :)

I am particularly excited to hang out with our Kville Church family at our church picnic at Fagan Park. It feels like months since we’ve been there.

Hope you have a Happy Sabbath peeps!


P.S. These two cheeky Siberian Huskies belong to my In-laws. They are still very young and extremely naughty, but by the time I had left their farm last Friday, I had a soft spot for them.

We’re on the move

Two Sabbath’s ago, Richie was officially introduced as the new Teen & Youth Pastor at Wahroonga Seventh-day Adventist Church for 2013.

We were there to support our friends Sam and Warren as the church body held a special prayer in the main service. Since both Richie and I were there, Wahroonga’s Senior Pastor took the opportunity to get us up the front to introduce us. Richie was then asked to lead the congregation in the season of prayer for Warren and two other church members also battling cancer.

This means we will be leaving Kellyville Church at the end of this year and moving to Wahroonga. It will be filled with new opportunities and new challenges working with a new crew. I’m particularly looking forward to walking through the bush to church each Sabbath! Richie will be much closer to home and when the little “Creamies” come along, it will be awesome. :)

I feel God has really been preparing my heart for this move since the middle of the year – even though it has really only been in the works for the last few months. When people heard that the school was closing down, the first thing they would ask is what Richie going to do for work next year. It is probably quite selfish and narrow-minded of me to question whether God has moved Richie and I to Wahroonga to be closer to Sam and Warren in this very difficult season of their life. Of course this is probably just a tiny piece of God’s overall plan for us. Nonetheless, whatever the call and purpose, we ask you to keep us in your prayers.

Below are some photos of Wahroonga church from our wedding a few years back.

Here’s to 2013!

All photos courtesy of Gemma Clarke Photography

The weekend in pictures…


Coco came to church to be featured in Richie’s Children Story at Castle Hill SDA Church. The girls loved her, the boys hung back and watched Richie’s slide-show. You know they were too cool for school. At one point Richie looked down at her and she was on her back with her paws up lapping up the love with 10 sets of hands scratching her tummy. She was in heaven.


After pot-luck lunch at Castle Hill we shot back to VP/MP’s for a catch up and a cup of tea. I had my first mango of the season and it was awesome.


Love lazy Sabbath afternoons sitting in the shade in the backyard of Oakleigh.


This photo is for Aunty Shirley – I’m sure we’ve got a photo of Ma, Pa, Dad and you standing together somewhere in that front yard. Life in the Cream Fibro!


We shot into the city and hung out with some more friends visiting from the Gold Coast who stayed in a hotel overlooking Hyde Park. Noice.


Dinner at il Putino Trattoria on Crown St.


Hmmm yum Italian.


I loved that our weekend finished with a play and a read with this lovely little man. I can’t believe Emmett is old enough to sit on my knee and read Peter Rabbit with me. Of course, I do the reading  but I’m sure it won’t be long and he will read it to me. Isn’t the cutest?!?


Spectacular Sabbath Day


After one of the best sermons I’ve heard all year at church, I came home and snoozed in Nona’s recliner. In fact, I stayed there all afternoon. The warmth of the sun made it very easy. You see, I really wasn’t feeling the greatest after church but the weather and the view out to our un-kept garden, made the rest of the day spectacular.

David Weslake preached at Churchside today and he had me in tears. I came home wrecked, but in a good way. He really challenged me to think outside the box and reassess how I pray for people in my life. The best way Richie and I could describe the content of his sermon was that it was all “meat”. If you want to know what we mean by “meat” go look up 1 Corinthians 3:2.

I’m so grateful for Sabbath where I can sit in the sun and just relax. What a blessing.



Happy Sabbath from Toulouse, France

Hi Team.

Happy Sabbath from Toulouse.

We went to church this morning and met some really nice people who spoke to us in English. This is a big deal for us, because we haven’t found a lot of people south of Carcassonne who do – our Frenglish is getting a massive work-out. The service was in French and I impressed Richie with how I sang along to all the french praise and worship songs. Just as we perfect our Frenglish, we’ll cross the boarder and start speaking Spanglish.

Back to our hotel we went for a relaxing arvo and Richie played YouTube vids of his favourite hymns. Hilariously, he sung along to every one of them. He came across this one which I felt I needed to share. The honky-tonk piano rules and the kid is a classic.


Feliz Sábado

Happy Sabbath! I’m so thankful that Friday has come around so quickly again.

I’m hoping the running sheet for the weekend will look like this:

Sabbath – worshiping at the K-Ville’s Church Camp at Crosslands.

Saturday Night – maybe I could twist Richie’s arm to go to Candelori’s again (which reminds me I need to finish the post sitting in my drafts about the last time we went there) or maybe hanging with MP/VP?!?!?

Sunday – massive clean-up of the house and yard, including getting stuff ready for the curb-side clean-up. There will be an open house chucked in the mix from 11:30-12pm and maybe some pilates and some blogging – not at the same time for obvious reasons. Maybe cook up a pot of soup or a a roast chook to keep Richie happy.

Put your hand up if you love Council Clean-up or roast chook!

So hope you have a restful weekend.

Love you long time,

The Reids

The weekend that was…

There were three major wins on the weekend that I wanted to share with the blogging world:

One) The Youth Rally on Saturday was AWESOME! It was a packed house, like usual, and beside the praise and worship, the preaching of the Word from my old English teacher was off the charts. Miss Q, as we knew her, spoke on the call of discipleship and what it means to surrender EVERYTHING to God. Liti is now the Associate Youth Director for the South Pacific Division and has been a total blessing for us.

Two) Bear Grylls is my hero! Can I just say, this guy is totally awesome! We saw Bear at Hillsong for the Mission Australia fundraiser. He was interviewed about his crazy life, his family, his faith and all the gross Man vs Wild stuff. It was a great night out! I took my BFF from work Georgia and her son Ari. Richie was on his own adventure with 20-30 SAC kids hosting a Leadership Canoeing expedition – they called it SAC vs Wild!

I love Bear’s love for adventure, but most importantly his love for God and his love for his family. One of my favourite quotes from the night was this:

“I have never met an atheist in the death zone on Mount Everest.”Bear Grylls

Total win!

Below is my view from my seat – it was an awesome spot as we got to watch the frenzy as Bear ran in from the back of the audience through the crowd and up on the stage.

Another thing I loved was that his faith is the back-bone of everything he does. He said that he has a “messy faith” (like us all!) but it is a quiet strength in the everyday.

The below picts I found on Twitter just after the event…

Three) Autumn “Spring clean” at the Reids

Since Richie was on his SAC vs Wild trip, I had a great opportunity to do a spring-clean in Autumn. It’s amazing what you find in these clean-ups, I had a good laugh about some of the stuff I found.

As a joke, Richie and I put these Bunnykins plates/cup on our wedding registry to see if anyone picked up on them. Sure enough, our neighbours did and bought them. These are going to get put away until there is someone around who will use them.

So there you have it, it was a winner of a weekend.

When was the last time you…

…posted a personal letter/card to someone?

Yep, that’s right.

Australia Post. Red box. Stamps. Street address.

Yesterday I posted two personal packages to the USA. Since Richie and I didn’t get our act together to send Christmas Cards this past Christmas, this is the first time in forever that I have posted a hand-written card.

The two packages, which included Aussie calendars, were being sent to people we met on our USA trip in June/July last year. One package was for a lady we met in church in Charlotte, North Carolina. We sat down next to her not knowing anyone in this All-African American, Gospel singin n preachin, Adventist Church. Lola was probably about 65-70 years old and so friendly. She told us about how she was extremely sick only a few months prior and close to death. She was bed-ridden and the church prayed for her and she was healed. At the end of the service she asked us if she could “write us”. We exchanged addresses and I thought, I wonder if I’ll ever hear from her. Last year we got a cute card that read “Do you remember me? I was your seat partner in church in Charlotte. You were on your way to the General Conference.”

The other package was for a lady from Shelbyville, Indiana sent us a Christmas Card. We met on the good ol Gospel Cruise in Savannah, Georgia.  Receiving her card blew our minds! Richie and I couldn’t believe that they remembered us. I actually couldn’t even remember giving her our postal address! We suggested that they come to Australia for a visit and her polite reply was that it was way too far for her to travel. “Coming down to Savannah is the longest trip we have taken.”

Below are a few vids from the Gospel  Cruise which I was meant to upload while we were at the GC.

Aren’t they awesome?

Growing Spiritually

Last Friday I received our Church e-Newsletter “What’s On” and the devotional at the top of the newsletter caught my eye. I really liked it and wanted to share it.

This week we picked the first tomatoes and cucumber’s from our garden plot. Earlier in the week we harvested cabbage, silver beet, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, and rocket etc from the patch. The amazing thing is that we have never seen these vegetables actually growing. The broccoli and cabbage plants we grew from tiny seeds – similar to the size of a grain of sand. They were planted in special soil which was watered regularly. After a few days of sunshine, water and healthy soil little leaves burst through the dirt. With regular watering they grew until we transplanted them into the main garden. But we never saw them growing, but they did! That’s why we’ve been enjoying garden soup and beautiful salads. These plants grew enough and matured enough to harvest.

Spiritual growth is like that. Children are planted in the soil of healthy Christian home’s where what you do is more important than what is said. The Body of Christ, the Church is also soil (healthy or unhealthy) into which people are ‘planted’. When the Son of Righteousness beams into our souls through parents, significant others and via the Holy Spirit at church the seeds of genuine Christianity sprout. Through Bible reading, prayer, and meditation; through involvement in Sabbath School, the Church Services and life of the Church we interact and grow. All of a sudden we realise that seeds of spirituality, planted years ago are blossoming in the lives of young people and adults. What was a mere ‘mustard’ seed grows into a healthy Christian person, nurtured by caring parents and ‘significant other’ church people. These people become engaged in the service of the Church and serve others, helping, caring and sharing God’s love.

Peters writes “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10. I invite you as parents and Church members to share God’s grace today and every day so that people with whom you live, mix with and associate with, will grow spiritually.

Pastor Alex Curry

I really liked this in particular: “I invite you as parents and Church members to share God’s grace today and every day so that people with whom you live, mix with and associate with, will grow spiritually.”

So who are you going to share God’s grace with today?

Photo Courtesy of

A sign from God?


Tuesday 25 October, 2010

 Dear Ministry Team of St Stephen’s Anglican Church,

I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your sign which stands out the front of your church on Pennant Hills Road. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I have now decided to stop, snap a photo and then blog about them. Please ignore this random weirdo in a suit who takes photos of the sign -it’s just me.

You see, I reeeeeeeally like them. They have challenged me, they have inspired me, they have snapped me back into reality when I’ve driven past with a “me agenda”.

I hope they do the same to my friends and family.

Keep ’em coming!!!

Ebenezer Baptist Church – Dr Martin Luther King’s family church

Sunday morning, Darren and I hit the road early and made our way on the Marta back down to Sweet Auburn to Ebenezer Baptist Church.

The service was what I expected. Amazing hospitality, fabulous praise and worship, a long but good sermon. There was also a 10 minute welcome session where everyone got up off their seat and walked around the large church welcoming friends, family and visitors to church. I thought this was awesome. I shook about 57 hands in 10 minutes. There was a graduation recognition segment where everyone who was graduating from high school or college/university and were affirmed of their efforts. Their name was announced, along with their parents and the degree they did. The they were asked if what their plans were. For the graduating high school kids, their scholarships were announced and one girl had won a $175,000 scholarship and another had a 4yr book scholarship.

The Rev Martin Luther King, Sr Choir could all win American Idol – they were amazing.

The original church sits across the road were much of the political movement towards the anti-segregation protests began. It is in dire need of restoration, so no body is worshipping there. It is also way too small for the massive congregation.

Quote of the day:

“We all need a Saviour. I suggest Jesus.” The Rev.

This is a Marta Station. It is simple, you catch a train to go north, south, east or west. Easy.

Church is awesome

Here are some of the pictures from church last Sabbath.

They estimated that there was a whooooolelotta people there, but I don’t know the exact head count.

We were down there for the musical program at 8:30am then Sabbath School, which kicked off at 9am Just before church started at 10:30am, Richie and Darren decided to stretch their legs. They didn’t come back until the benediction!

And here’s why…

They went touring the heavens

They found security guards to take pictures of them in the heavens

What's this? The Corporate Boxes and Media/Press Gallery - Courtesy of Darren Garlett

They got into the Press Gallery where my cousin Zonia was working - "Richie! What are you doing up here? You need a pass to get in!" Courtesy of Darren Garlett

This was the highest point the guys got to - the very last & highest chair in the top red chair section - Courtesy of Darren Garlett

Courtesy of Darren Garlett

Courtesy of Darren Garlett

Pathfinders forever!

Heading up the highway, following the Son… we pull into this church for Sabbath and to Richie’s excitement, there was a Pathfinder Investiture that afternoon.

Northeast SDA Church itself was great. The Pastor spoke beautifully and again a fabulous friendly church with loads of people making us feel welcome. There was a fantastic communion service and we didn’t get out of church till 2pm.

How is this for a small world? The Pastor was brought to Australia to preach in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

Just a few of the many messages we received are these two which stuck out beautifully.

  1. Outside of Christ, you’re breathing to death.
  2. The things of this world can gratify, but only Christ can satisfy.

Can I get an Amen?

Pastor Ezra bringing the Word

Preach it Pastor!

God Be The Glory!

Cause we're the Pathfinders! Believe us when we say, we're heading in the right direction. Cause Jesus leads the way!

Someone's just a little excited!