Father’s Day 2013

It’s exactly a week ago we celebrated Fathers Day with brunch here at our home. We had a great day together and also enjoyed having our friends Jenny and Bruce with us as well.


This year Vanessa and I gave Dad a gift that keeps on giving thanks to ADRA.


We also headed up to the most awesome Muogamarra Nature Reserve, a bushland reserve near Cowan, which is only opened for 6 weeknds of the year when the native wildflowers are in bloom. It’s the type of place our Aunty Shirley would love.



I had never seen a bush of Waratahs in flower until now.





We hope you had a great Father’s Day, Dad. It was awesome to spend the day as a family out in the bush. Xo


A little Amos in the morning

This morning I went for an early morning bushwalk.

Before leaving the house, I did a quick scan of the old Facebook, after Twitter of course, looking for Brooke Fraser Concert feedback and came across my friend Mali’s (who saw Brooke earlier in the week AND actually got to meet her! See her post here) short status update which read

“Amos 5:21-24”

Half way down the track, I stopped at the creek, grabbed my You Version and read Amos 5 in The Message translation.

It’s a full-on verse.

It’s a verse that you read and go, WOAH, don’t mess with God. He is ripping into Israel and is talking right at me.

What I love is this:

Do you know what I want?
   I want justice—oceans of it.
I want fairness—rivers of it.
   That’s what I want. That’s all I want.

Amos 5:21-24 The Message (The last bit of Verse 24)

Oceans of it.

Rivers of it.

Justice and Fairness.

Then He sent His Son to provide it.

Just for you and me, and everyone else on earth.

Hap-Happy B-B-Birthday to you!

At the weekend, my sister turned a whole 24 years old. Yep on Halloween.

Wowsa! She’s so old!

The day started off as per normal. 

Dogs fighting…

Us separating them and throwing them on their leads… See their faces, they know they are in trouble.


Packing up VP with weight for a wee training walk through Westleigh’s precious Dog Pound Creek/Blue Gum Forrest circuit.


More bushwalking…

More bushwalking…

What a happy camper! It was as humid as Kokoda right here and the leeches were out with a vengeance. Marcus didn’t cope too well.

We climbed hills like Kokoda too.

VP “Whatcha talkin about Willis?” MP “You can’t say that! You weren’t even born then!”

Thumbs up for the home stretch. Just look at those poor old dogs out front!

Good onya Fan! How do I spell exhaustion?

Look what I made her for lunch! She’s easy to please.

Later in the evening, we braved the rain and hit the city for dinner at Casa di Nico with our extended family. When Marcus and Vanessa married, all his family became our family. We like to party a lot.

My other photos did not turn out; except this one above which I thought was fitting to post.


The End.

A little piece of Africa

Today is my sister Vanessa’s Twenty-Something birthday.

We went bushwalking, I made her cheese on toast for lunch.

I plan to put more effort into a Happy B’day post, so this will be a little distraction while I go think on that for a bit and have dinner with her.

It’s African themed and I’m pretty sure my parents will not be seeing this anywhere they go.

When I finish Oxfam…

So it here it is.   

This is my list.   

Its kinda like a Bucket List, and kinda not.   

It’s a list filled with stuff I want to do after I survive the Oxfam Trailwalker race.   

If you have been hiding under a rock, this is THE race that I foolishly said yes to participating in. It is 100kms in 48 hours from Brooklyn to Mosman through the bush and a tad of suburbia. It is another way to torture yourself and shave a few years off your life. Only a few days ago my brother-in-law emailed me about the apparent Bush Fear which is circling us. Apparently he had read that at 80km you begin to have internal bleeding in your knees. HOMYGOODNESS. Yep, HO-MY-GOOD-NESS. You see, it’s a 100km non stop. I mean you get to take pee breaks and stuff… and eat. But there is no time to go home to have a nana-nap. The clock just keeps ticking.   

Every morning this past week I’ve been waking up at 3am and the first thing I think of is “You’d be walking still if this was Oxfam Weekend.” I think it is because it is August and the race is about 3 weeks away. It’s a scary feeling.   

Our encouragement to each other when we did Kokoda was “Toughen up princess.” That doesn’t fit for Oxfam… and it’s old. Our new Oxfam saying is “You’ll be right.” It’s what my brother-in-law says to my sister in the perfect condescending voice. I can’t help but laugh every time he says it. It gets her all firey, its hi-lar-ious. All I hear in my head when we are in the bush training is “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “You’ll be right.” “YOU’LL BE RIGHT!” YES YOUR KNEES ARE BLEEDING ON THE INSIDE, BUT YOU’LL BE RIGHT!”   

So! Back to the list….   

When I finish Oxfam…   

1. I’m going to weed the garden and plant my camellia’s.   

Why? Because it’s been neglected since Autumn before we went to America and every weekend since we have been back has been spent trekking 30km’s minimum. 

It needs some love. 


Hello Weeds!

On the trail to Oxfam Trailwalker

Well the training has begun for the 100km race of our life time!

People don’t believe me that we are walking/trekking/running or even crawling our way along The Great North Walk without any sleep, an finishing it within 48hrs – ideally 35-40hrs is our goal.

Last Sunday marked my first team training event where Gilsey, Market and I walked the first two stages of the event – the toughest two stages, 29km’s in total.

Oxfam throw themselves behind alot of great causes here in Australia and around the world. One project I particularly love is their work with the Aboriginal people. Check out their website for a full run-down…


Hope you enjoy my photos and finally…