Happy Birthday Dad!

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Today is Dad’s birthday and I’m grateful to God for giving Vanessa and I such an awesome Dad.

He has taught us about God.

He has taught us not to be afraid to explore the world and be adventurous.

He has taught us about Real Estate.

That’s only a few things but there are a million more :)


Photo by Linzi Aitken – Some of my absolute favourite photos of us as a family were taken on my wedding day and my sister’s wedding day.

Dad 2

Photo by Linzi Aitken – Dad was sitting writing his speech for the reception while all us girls were out the back getting primped.


Official photography by Gemma Clarke

Dad 3

Official photography by Gemma Clarke

Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you enjoyed your day.

We love you.


Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s not Dad’s birthday till Chritmas Eve, but tonight we got the Combo Deal and celebrated his 63rd, and the Pye’s Christmas.

We decided earlier in the week to hit up Yulli’s in Surry Hills for a vegan and vegetarian spread. Tonight was packed and we were lucky we booked.




Afterwards we battled the club-like lines at Messina to get our desert. And, it was totally worth-it!

Happy Birthday Dad – we love you and thank God for you!

Happy B’day Lyndelle



It’s our Pastors birthday today – her Sweet 16 actually. The poor girl has to spend the day with us on StormCo. So the girls threw her a little soirée to celebrate. Plus she got a Latte from me this morning. Good times!

Happy Birthday Lyndelle!!!


Happy B’day Richie Reid

Today is Richie’s birthday and unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend it with him. He left around 5:30am, this morning, to go on a school camp.We got to celebrate last night where we saw Mary Poppins – Richie was in his element!

Flicking through a few old photos today, I found these from past November 20’s…

Circa 2007 – Tarago Reving Toolies on the Gold Coast. Party number 1 for his 30th Birthday.

Circa 2007 – The was the 2nd b’day party Richie had for that year. It was the night Richie turned 30 and the year John Howard lost the election.

Circa 1982 – For the record, Richie wasn’t turning 8. He just wanted a racing car cake from the Women’s Day Cake cook book.

Circa 2010 – Our friend Clare made this cake at Richie’s request.


Circa 2011 – Yesterday, Clare again was in charge of the cake baking.


Happy Birthday Babe – hope the kids spoilt you!

Love ya, miss ya xo

Happy B’day VP!!

Happy 25th to my smokin’ sister Vanessa Jane Pereira!

We celebrated on Saturday night at il Putino on Crown St. I know… How lucky am I… two Saturday nights in a row!!! It was such a great choice VP.

Happy Birthday Legend. Love you long time.





Happy B’day Clare Salke

A few years ago… ok, like 7-8 years ago, I went on a little adventure with some of my best mates to climb Mt Everest in Nepal.

This was one of those trips that could have broken our mateship altogether or really strengthen it forever. Thank the Lord, it was the latter!

Above is a photo of the Neppers Crew: Clare Bear, Janny, Marko and I circa 2004.

Today, we want to send out a big shout out to Clare for her 29th.

We love you Bear!

Happy Birthday Mum! You’re looking hot for 60.

My parents flew in this morning. They are pretty tired, but my Dad came back to work at lunch-time. After 30-odd hours of plane travel, he comes back to work within 3 hours of arriving home. CRAZY!

In honour of their return, I’ve decided to post about my Mum’s 60th which was on the 2nd of August.

As you know, or may not know, we celebrated Mum’s birthday as a family in Madeira.

On the day of the 2nd, we drove around some of the most beautiful spots on the island and Mum ended up climbing most of the way up the highest mountain on Madeira Island. It was pretty cool considering mountain climbing/trekking isn’t her cup-of-tea.

That night we headed out to a restaurant with traditional dancers for espatada to celebrate. It was a really fun night and we enjoyed the best espatada in Madeira. In all honesty though, I still think Marcus makes better espatada. The dancers ended up getting Mum out on the dance floor and we all sang Happy Birthday – she was loving it!

Afterwards we shot home and had cake and ice-cream to finish the evening.

It was a super fun 60th which I reckon she’ll never forget!

Remind me to fill you in on the Edinburgh Tatoo which we took her to as her present. That yarn is a whole nutha blog post altogether…

The weekend that was…

This post was meant to go live last week… and it didn’t. So just humour me and pretend it was last week, ok?

This past weekend was a busy one.

We celebrated a few anniversaries on the 12th of March:

1. The day we officially “Hooked” up

2. The day Richie got down on one knee and asked me to marry him

3. The day I got baptised

4. The day my paternal grandfather was born

So we decided to celebrate all of the above by celebrating at our restaurant at the Sofitel Wentworth where Richie proposed.

They sat us in the middle of everyone else in the dimly lit restaurant. However Richie made the waiter move us over to a private corner so we could laugh, joke and act like we were 15 again. The restaurant boasts French cuisine and the two 15 year olds in the corner got to indulge in palate cleansers drizzled with truffle oil, carmelised figs and goats cheese, king fish with garlic polenta and Wagyu beef steak. YUMO!

Can I get an Amen?

When you’re in your Thirties…

Today I’m turning 30.

I am excited about this, because I am stepping into a massive unknown abyss and I am open to the millions of adventures that lie before me.

Over the weekend, we had a full house of guests plus a little Picnic BBQ to celebrate my upcoming b’day. It was quite hilarious really. Due to the unpredictable February weather in Sydney, we changed the time of the picnic the night before (as it was 42deg cel that day!) and then half hour before the “start” time I decided to change location to my parentals as it was raining. I love my fabulous flexible friends! It was such a fun night.

So before the big hoo-hah, I was sitting with Bronny and Richie talking about how cool it was to be turning 30. They both agreed and were full of encouragement as they both are “well into the early part of the 30-Something” age bracket. 

They decided to give me some advice and below was the summary of our conversation, with a few extra bits from some of my other great friends.

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Bronwyn

You know who you are, what you want and you’re not afraid to go get it.

“Whatever” is your new catch-cry.

You don’t care if you like the Gaithers (Richie: Let me hear the Church say Amen!!!)

It’s like you’ve been given a pass to get into the Qantas Lounge of Life.

You know that you are worth it. (But you should know that in your twenties too!)

You start nesting.

You ding the bell of life and say “Next!” in other words, you say “Whatever” and move on.

You have friends of all calibre – some who are single, engaged, married, married with kids, divorced, even grandparents.

“You are in your prime, Man!” you still have the energy of your youth with some wisdom. These are the best days of your life.

You are established in your career and all ready for your next.

With a sprinkling of grey hair for some measure.

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Karyn

You have energy, confidence, passion and wisdom.

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Liv

You give birth on your friend’s birthday! (Poor Livvy, was due last week Monday… it’s time to come out bubby!)

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Georgia

You start to worry a lot less about what people think of you. By the time you’re 40 you could not care less. 40 and fabulous!!!!!

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Linzi

You’re still young, so make the most of it!!!

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Mick

You can’t bowl as quick and your reflexes are shot.

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Marcus (my brother-in-law)

You nail a 24 year old (Sorry!)

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Richie

Your boobs will sag (I barely have any, so that sagging won’t be happening…)

You actually realise you ARE a desperate housewife – you don’t just watch it (yeah, I don’t anyway…)

When you’re in your Thirties… according to Bec

You consider it a blessing when there is nothing to do on a Saturday night and you can spend time at home.

The End.

Happy Birthday to me :)

Happy Birthday Richard Reid!

I know, I know!
I’m exactly a week late in posting something about Richie’s b’day.

Richie's 5th B'day - Not his 8th... "I just wanted a racing car cake out of the Family Circle Cake Book."

Richie’s 10th B’day – CUTE!
Truth be told, we’ve had a big week of celebrating. This included, but was not limited to: 

– Multiple birthday diners (Saturday night, Sunday night AND Monday night)

– SAC Yr 12 formal (I wasn’t feeling so good that night, so I stayed home)

– SAC Yr 10 formal (I went to this one and it was SOOOOOO much fun. They are a great group of kids!)

– Rare day off for Richie to fish with Jan, one of his best mates (You must go to his Facebook page and see the video)

Asado & Nona's Potato Salad - made by Mum - Requested every year by Richie

Aunty Clare made his cake - he was going to ask for a racing car cake out of the Family Circle Cake book. No doubt, she'll make it next year.

Guess how old he is?

Hap-Happy B-B-Birthday to you!

At the weekend, my sister turned a whole 24 years old. Yep on Halloween.

Wowsa! She’s so old!

The day started off as per normal. 

Dogs fighting…

Us separating them and throwing them on their leads… See their faces, they know they are in trouble.


Packing up VP with weight for a wee training walk through Westleigh’s precious Dog Pound Creek/Blue Gum Forrest circuit.


More bushwalking…

More bushwalking…

What a happy camper! It was as humid as Kokoda right here and the leeches were out with a vengeance. Marcus didn’t cope too well.

We climbed hills like Kokoda too.

VP “Whatcha talkin about Willis?” MP “You can’t say that! You weren’t even born then!”

Thumbs up for the home stretch. Just look at those poor old dogs out front!

Good onya Fan! How do I spell exhaustion?

Look what I made her for lunch! She’s easy to please.

Later in the evening, we braved the rain and hit the city for dinner at Casa di Nico with our extended family. When Marcus and Vanessa married, all his family became our family. We like to party a lot.

My other photos did not turn out; except this one above which I thought was fitting to post.


The End.

A little piece of Africa

Today is my sister Vanessa’s Twenty-Something birthday.

We went bushwalking, I made her cheese on toast for lunch.

I plan to put more effort into a Happy B’day post, so this will be a little distraction while I go think on that for a bit and have dinner with her.

It’s African themed and I’m pretty sure my parents will not be seeing this anywhere they go.