When was the last time you…

…posted a personal letter/card to someone?

Yep, that’s right.

Australia Post. Red box. Stamps. Street address.

Yesterday I posted two personal packages to the USA. Since Richie and I didn’t get our act together to send Christmas Cards this past Christmas, this is the first time in forever that I have posted a hand-written card.

The two packages, which included Aussie calendars, were being sent to people we met on our USA trip in June/July last year. One package was for a lady we met in church in Charlotte, North Carolina. We sat down next to her not knowing anyone in this All-African American, Gospel singin n preachin, Adventist Church. Lola was probably about 65-70 years old and so friendly. She told us about how she was extremely sick only a few months prior and close to death. She was bed-ridden and the church prayed for her and she was healed. At the end of the service she asked us if she could “write us”. We exchanged addresses and I thought, I wonder if I’ll ever hear from her. Last year we got a cute card that read “Do you remember me? I was your seat partner in church in Charlotte. You were on your way to the General Conference.”

The other package was for a lady from Shelbyville, Indiana sent us a Christmas Card. We met on the good ol Gospel Cruise in Savannah, Georgia.  Receiving her card blew our minds! Richie and I couldn’t believe that they remembered us. I actually couldn’t even remember giving her our postal address! We suggested that they come to Australia for a visit and her polite reply was that it was way too far for her to travel. “Coming down to Savannah is the longest trip we have taken.”

Below are a few vids from the Gospel  Cruise which I was meant to upload while we were at the GC.

Aren’t they awesome?