Hey Baby!

So last week we shared with the Facebook world that you will be coming into our world this September.

FB Announcement

It was an exciting week.

Your Dad sat at the dining room table and watched the announcement increase in Facebook likes and comments like a pinball machine. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ha! Your Mum didn’t have time to sit around all day and she had to go to work. The encouragement was overwhelming and there are plenty of people excited about your arrival… even though we have to wait another 6 months.

The exciting thing about last week is that, apparently, God opened your ears and you can now hear. I learnt this from my pregnancy iPhone app :)

I am particularly thankful that this happened when it did because I was at the Colour Conference when I turned 14 weeks pregnant.


The first noises and murmurs you would have heard in utero was *insert southern accent here* people preachin Jesus. You would have heard Bobbie Houston, Beth Moore and Lisa Bevere preach their little backsides off about God in our past, present and future, faith for any season of life, forgiveness, deliverance and restoration in Jesus, God’s unique love for us to name just a few topics. AND you would have heard your Mum yell “Amen!” and “That’s right!” till she was blue in the face. There was also incredible music and singing, and beautiful songs containing incredible melodies and lyrics.



This is Aunty Jess (15 weeks pregnant) Aunty Tara (38 or 39 weeks pregnant) and I (14 weeks pregnant) eating maccas to calm out pregnant bellies.

I’m so happy that this was the week you got to hear the outside world. I couldn’t think of a better first.

For this, your Mum is extremely thankful.


Happy Anniversary to Us!

It was 9 years ago on the 12th of March that Richie and I decided to make our thing official.

We were kind of dating since we met at our church Division Youth Congress held in Fiji since the January, but it was on the 12th of March we decided, “Yep, let’s do this.”

I remember it being the weekend that I flew to Brisbane and was thrown in the deep end. Like a deer in headlights, at the South Queensland Youth Rally with approx. 1200 people, I was walked down the middle aisle to the front row at the Youth Rally. I felt like there were plenty of eyes on me and I seemed to hear whispers in the crowd… “Who’s this Sydney girl who has stolen our Richie’s heart?” “She better not take him away!”


I also remember it being the weekend I confessed to him that I was falling in love with him.


Richie has a Vision meeting tonight with his school and the church so we celebrated last night with dinner in Baulkham Hills. Tim Mannah and Ben Smith from the Parramatta Eels were there with us in the restaurant. This consolation prize for not going out on our actual anniversary was all totally planned. Pity they don’t play for Souths though.

Such is the life of a Pastor’s wife.


Christmas / Boxing Day Wrap-up


With 2014 about to bust in, it is time I posted our Christmas/Boxing Day adventures.

So, how was your Christmas?

This year it was our turn to spend Christmas Day in Sydney and we got up to all sorts of mischief.


Mid December Richie and I woke up early one morning, made some coffee and put up the tree. It was never going to happen unless we put an early morning in. I posted a pict on Instagram with the caption: “Two things could be heard in the Reid home in the wee hours this morning: 1) “There you go, Merry Christmas” (the tree was like ^^^ this) and 2) “Crap, I’ve got glitter in my coffee”.



First ornaments on the tree this year were a our ceramic stars from Karyn, one of our bestie’s who decked us out with some lovely Paper Boat Press items.


The finished job – picture taken on Christmas Day. Richie proudly set up this photo. Take note of the particular emphasis on the lit lamp. He was very proud.





11:50pm on Christmas Eve we had a knock at the door, and it wasn’t Santa. Lysh was meant to be in Bali but there was a passport expiry date malfunction, so she unexpectantly re-booked her flight and spent the morning with us. Luckily, she was able to re-book a Christmas arvo flight.



Do you have a funny egg story? We do… now.

It turned out that the two dozen expensive free range eggs from Thomas Dux I bought on Christmas Eve, were all off. ALL OF THEM! I got ripped. Luckily we had an older carton with 7 or 8 eggs in the fridge which we did the float test with. Marcus was then put in charge of frying them all while Richie cleaned up the stinky electric fryer. Bummer.





After brekkie we headed over to the Pereira’s for a late lunch with the extended Portuguese fam. It was awesome to hang out and play with little Eve. She is such a cutie-pie.




Richie had a crack at making a Coconut & Pomegranate Cheesecake which our friend Shivvy used as her entry into this years Philly cheese competition – if you want to make it though, call us first! Shiv did some fine tuning after the comp and they wouldn’t let her post it. It was so yummy, I think Erica would love it.


Boxing Day was spent in the city at the sales, and let’s be honest, Vanessa and I were in our element! Really VP and I should have gone alone, but sometimes we all need to be pushed out of our comfort zones and forced to swim for our lives in the deep end. Check out the sea of people in this video taken by Marcus. Haha, good times!


Actually, I think secretly, the boys did end up enjoying themselves.


So, Happy (belated) Birthday Jesus and Merry (belated) Christmas to you and your family.

Since it is New Years Eve as well, we want to wish you a cracking good New Year too.

Looking forward to the 2014 adventures that God has in store for us all.

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Happy Birthday Dad!

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Today is Dad’s birthday and I’m grateful to God for giving Vanessa and I such an awesome Dad.

He has taught us about God.

He has taught us not to be afraid to explore the world and be adventurous.

He has taught us about Real Estate.

That’s only a few things but there are a million more :)


Photo by Linzi Aitken – Some of my absolute favourite photos of us as a family were taken on my wedding day and my sister’s wedding day.

Dad 2

Photo by Linzi Aitken – Dad was sitting writing his speech for the reception while all us girls were out the back getting primped.


Official photography by Gemma Clarke

Dad 3

Official photography by Gemma Clarke

Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you enjoyed your day.

We love you.

Richie’s Story – “My Life, My Joy, My All”




Richie shared his story at Church this past Sabbath and you can watch it online here:

http://new.livestream.com/FindJesus/events/2344484 – his sermon starts around 45-46mins.

This is in fact just a small fraction of the entire story, but it is a great insight into how God has destined him to lead, encourage, care and challenge others.

Last night I overheard him explain to a few ladies a bit more of the puzzle of how he ended up in the Reid’s home. One of his sisters watched the service online from the North Coast of NSW and rang him straight after. She added another layer of insight to his story.

She explained that their Mum and Dad had fostered other children before Richie and his little brother Rodney arrived. He actually always knew this, but what he didn’t know is that his parents had desperately tried through Queensland Family Services to have a pair of young brothers live with them on a permanent basis. They were devastated when told that the kids had to move on to another home.

How many times do we become upset, or even angry, about our circumstances?

God had the bigger picture. He always does. I am 100% confident that the Reid’s prayed and prayed, and agonised over this decision.  But God had a bigger and better plan.

He does every time.

Jeremiah 29:11

Happy Birthday Hugh!

This afternoon on Facebook my status update read: “Today has been seriously off the charts magnificent”. This was a total understatement.

Today our close friends Mark and Erica (well pretty much Erica…) gave birth to Richie and my newest little mate… Hugh Charles Aitken.

I ran out of a training meeting this morning when Mark rang me to share the news. “Oh my goodness! What’s going on?” “I’m a father.” I just burst our crying with total joy when he said those words. “Oh Mate, that is amazing. Oh my goodness, I’m so happy. I can’t stop myself. I’m crying like a baby! That’s fantastic news!” I actually had no idea if it was a boy or girl for few minutes until I think I asked “Hang on what is it?” I was in such a state of excitement for them. He told me again that it was a boy and at that point I confessed that on Sunday night I dreamt they had a boy. I found out today that both my sister and my mum dreamt they had a boy too. Random! Anyway, Richie was away in Kempsey today speaking at a school Chapel for NAIDOC week, and kinda missed out a little bit of the excitement but Mark rang him to share the news and hopefully we’ll be able to go over and hang out on Sunday.

So Huey, HC, Ninja, Ninj, Ginger Ninja, Sarge, (these are just a little selection of nicknames for him and his parents don’t actually know yet :) – except Clare suggested Huey which I think is awesome) you are an absolute miracle and like I told you today, God has big plans for you my little mate. Can’t wait to watch you grow into the boy, and eventually the man, that God has destined you to be. You’re Aunty Bec was smashed with tears of joy today for you little buddy. Especially when you were thrown at me by your super-cool Mum for a cuddle: “Hi Aunty Bec, I’m Hugh!”


Merry Christmas


Richie and I hope and trust your Christmas Day was filled with love, joy and a sense of peace. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the presents and the Christmas lunch or dinner, and forget why we celebrate this day. It’s the most profound gift ever given to humankind. The promise of salvation, forgiveness, freedom, grace and mercy. A new life and a new hope.

Jesus is the reason. Period.

How silently the wondrous gift is given. Let earth receive her King! New life, new hope, new joy He brings.

Radiant beams from thy holy face with the dawn of redeeming grace. His law is love and His gospel is peace.

Joyful, joyful! Come and worship, come and worship! All glory be to God on high and to the earth be peace.

Let all within us praise His holy name. Glory to the newborn King!




Words all taken from Oh Holy Night, Silent Night, O little Town of Bethlehem, Joy to the World, Away in a Manager, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World, Angels from the Realms of Glory, While Shepherds watched, Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child.

Joy to the World graphic made in InstaQuote by me. Original Babuble picture taken somewhere from Pinterest :)

Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s not Dad’s birthday till Chritmas Eve, but tonight we got the Combo Deal and celebrated his 63rd, and the Pye’s Christmas.

We decided earlier in the week to hit up Yulli’s in Surry Hills for a vegan and vegetarian spread. Tonight was packed and we were lucky we booked.




Afterwards we battled the club-like lines at Messina to get our desert. And, it was totally worth-it!

Happy Birthday Dad – we love you and thank God for you!

This week, it was my birthday…

I turned 31 on Wednesday.

It was a great day even though my husband was away on a school camp and I didn’t get to spend it with him, as originally planned.

Instead I had a great day out with my Mum.

This is what I got up to…

I was able to get a kiss and hug from my sister – HELLO morning eyes!

Went to Ikea with Mum… and found a rug with her name on it. Literally.

Went to Costco with the membership Richie got me and shopped up a storm. Purchased items included, but were not limited to, 2Kg’s of pitted kalamatta olives… ALL for me!

Went out to Dural to some of the nurseries and found some yummy figs. These were $10 a box – God’s own fruit!

I was in heaven…

Bit of cake and a cuppa tea to recoup.

Off to Hargreaves to pick up some supplies with Vanessa.

Then back to her place for birthday dinner of pizza and salad.

Happy birthday to me :)

Happy Australia Day!

What a fun Australia Day I’ve had.

I’ve finally arrived in Brisbane to meet Richie and this morning we had a brunch at our place with plenty of yummy food with great friends.

Australia Day has a different meaning for different people. For me it means:

Equality – no matter if you were born here or not, you are a valuable person who can contribute to making Australia an even better place

Mateship – we are here for each other “come hell or high water” without question

Contentment – we have everything we need here in Australia to be happy

Hope you were able to grab a Ginger Beer to celebrate somehow. Mine was cracked open on the plane.


But she’ll be right…

Being an Aunty…

…is awesome!!!




Kiara, our niece and her boyfriend Jarrod, have stayed with us this past week. It has been heaps of fun and tonight I was spoilt with a Sunday roast. It was fantastic!!!

We’ve only got a few days left together and then they hop on their plane to head home to Brisbane.

Talk about good times, good food and good memories :)

Date Night – North Bondi Beach







We had a brilliant day yesterday.

While Richie relaxed and unpacked from our house-sitting gig, I went to work and sold a property – Love it! Best of all, we had a fantastic Date Night down at Bondi. He is going away next week to a Summer Camp down south to preach so it was awesome to spend some quality time together eating Thaina Box.

P.S. We actually had 2 Date Nights in a row this week. I failed to mention that! The first one on Wednesday night was waffles and a movie. Go see War Horse – it is incredible. There is Oscar buzz surrounding this one, but I wasn’t all that impressed with the end scene.

P.P.S. We got Messina for desert. The best.


“Shut-up, I love you!” – Our second wedding anniversary

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary Babe!

Last year, we celebrated our anniversary (big time !!!) with a Second Honeymoon to New Zealand. But this year, it is has been much more low-key, but by no-means less important, as we have just returned from a weekend in Brisbane at another fantastic wedding.

This morning I drove Richie to school and we able to have breakfast together at our new favourite haunt.

Our anniversary dates are all blurred and we still can’t remember when our wedding date was. We often say it is the 12th, because that was our dog-eared  date for the majority of our relationship moments… i.e. When we made it official, when he proposed etc… The 13th really did put a spanner in the works and confused us. SO! This year, we have strategically decided to adopt the 12th, 13th and 14th (for good measure) and just celebrate right through until Christmas. We will then be prepared for next year when we go away again… eh, Babe ;)

Shut-up, I love you! xoxo

Happy B’day Richie Reid

Today is Richie’s birthday and unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend it with him. He left around 5:30am, this morning, to go on a school camp.We got to celebrate last night where we saw Mary Poppins – Richie was in his element!

Flicking through a few old photos today, I found these from past November 20’s…

Circa 2007 – Tarago Reving Toolies on the Gold Coast. Party number 1 for his 30th Birthday.

Circa 2007 – The was the 2nd b’day party Richie had for that year. It was the night Richie turned 30 and the year John Howard lost the election.

Circa 1982 – For the record, Richie wasn’t turning 8. He just wanted a racing car cake from the Women’s Day Cake cook book.

Circa 2010 – Our friend Clare made this cake at Richie’s request.


Circa 2011 – Yesterday, Clare again was in charge of the cake baking.


Happy Birthday Babe – hope the kids spoilt you!

Love ya, miss ya xo

Happy B’day VP!!

Happy 25th to my smokin’ sister Vanessa Jane Pereira!

We celebrated on Saturday night at il Putino on Crown St. I know… How lucky am I… two Saturday nights in a row!!! It was such a great choice VP.

Happy Birthday Legend. Love you long time.





My first look at Mamarapha College, W.A.

One of the highlights of visiting Perth was seeing where Richie went to Bible college. As a young man, he flew to “the West” to attend Mamarapha College not knowing a single soul. It was arranged that he would be picked up from the airport by John Beck, a fellow student, and dropped off at a home where he would board. On the road below, he told me the full story and said that it was one of the toughest things he has ever done in his life.

Mamarapha College is a tertiary level Bible college that aims to help Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women grow and develop in all dimensions of life.

Richie attended Mamarapha straight after his one year stint at Avondale College. His campus was located on the school grounds of Carmel Adventist College. Mamrapha has since moved to this new property – an old public school in the Perth Hills.

Even though moving across the country was scary, he ended up making friends with people who, to this day, stand as some of his best mates. Like Darren… remember Darren?

Darren and Richie hit it off straight away at college. Can you tell?

If you know anyone of indigenous background, encourage them to look into attending. It changed Richie’s life forever.

For more infomation on the amazing college go here.