I’m Bec.

I have recently become a wife… a Pastor’s Wife.

It is quite hilarious really, because moments before meeting my future husband, now known as Pr Richie, I formally declared to one of my friends “I could NEVER marry a Pastor!” God has had the last laugh.

So here I find myself thrown into the depths of life with my Running Mate. It is a life I would never have imagined. You see God actually got the last word and instead of running a multinational bazillion dollar company, He placed me exactly where He wants me… in Sydney, in our family business, not London/New York/Hong Kong, married to a Pastor, not to some other knob-head who I was never meant to be with.

This blog is really going to be a place for our family and friends to shake their heads with embarrassment, laugh till they cry, or just think “Man, those guys are crazy.” We are going to share our funny stories, pictures of our adventures and our random thoughts.

Life’s an adventure… and God wants you to enjoy every moment and keep on trekking.

…right! Are you ready for random dithering? Well you will get it here. There is going to be plenty of it.

Absolute randomness about everything and anything.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Lol. Right before I met my pastor husband I was saying to people “There’s no way I’d marry someone from … College, especially not a pastor!” I think making a statement like that is like throwing a challenge out to God! I also said I wouldn’t live in NZ or New Guinea. After spending 5 years in NZ I’m getting a little nervous! Lol. Now I’m really careful about what I proclaim I will and won’t do! Lol.

  2. LOL. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this. SO TRUE.

    I been heard saying, “I’ll never go to Karalundi” and guess where I went? Before I got married I said to my future husband, “I’ll go with you anywhere, except Papua New Guinea”. And then after Karalundi, guess where we went. Now, I don’t say anything like that anymore.

    God will hear me! Love your blog already!

  3. Hey Bec
    What a great idea. Pastoral wives have some amazing stories to tell. In our first posting, we said we would like to have a city parish in the eastern states. God got the last laugh – we went to a country parish in the western state!! mmmmm I cried most of the way there I think…when we finally left the West seven years, and two daughters later, I think I cried just as much to be leaving! When we let God navigate our path, when we give up telling him what we don’t want him to do, or how we don’t want to be used, he does some truly amazing things…Here I am God…Strong and courageous, knowing you will ALWAYS go before me! Looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis my beautiful friend!

  4. Hi Maree! Thanks for your fabulous encouragement. I believe, P.W.’s have got great stories to share. I know I’ve learnt a ton from girls like you. I love what you said: “When we let God navigate our path, when we give up telling him what we don’t want him to do, or how we don’t want to be used, he does some truly amazing things…Here I am God…Strong and courageous, knowing you will ALWAYS go before me!” Ooooh sooo goood!


  5. I’m a veteran pastor’s-wife as well as a speaker and writer. I’m writing a book for minister’s wives that addresses some of the issues you mentioned in your bio. I would like to have other minister’s wives input in the book to make it a well rounded help for young minister’s wives.

    Will you consider submitting to the book, Confessions of a Recovering Preacher’s Wife? Would you also offer this opportunity to others?

    The url for more information and guidelines: ,a href=”http://robinbryce.com/resources-books/recovering-pastorwife-submissions/” title=”http://robinbryce.com/resources-books/recovering-pastorwife-submissions/”>

    I would love to have your submission and those from others.
    Blessings galore,

  6. In my case, I proclaimed that there was no way I would marry a man from a certain super conservative Catholic college- and then my brother went there and introduced me to my husband. Of course as a Catholic I had no chance of being a pastor’s wife, but my husband is a religion teacher at a Catholic school!

  7. Love your Blog Bec! I love reading all your quirky adventures, as I have mine own as well! I always said if I wouldnt like to marry someone of the church ( my hubby to be is studying Youth MInistry after the thought of being a Pastor spooked him ha!) and here I am! Hope to read more of your adventures!

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