ANZAC Day 2014

A few years ago I trekked the Kokoda Track with my mate Mark and some other friends from church. Each ANZAC day, my mind naturally wanders back to the trail.

I wrote about this adventure and shared a few photos here.

This might mean nothing to you, but today I ate some pineapple. Yep, you’re welcome. It was so sweet it reminded me of the pineapple we all scoffed down at the top of Brigade Hill. It was here in 1942, the Battle of Brigade Hill was fought over three days where the besieged Australians desperately fought to hold back the advancing Japanese. You can read the history here. Only the lads on that trip will know how good the pineapple was, but also how hard that bloody climb was to the top of Brigade Hill in the PNG heat and humidity.

Today we headed down to support our Wahroonga Pathfinders at the Wahroonga Cenotaph. It was a great morning and they represented and supported our local servicemen association well. I’m proud of those guys and proud of their community involvement and service.


Lest we forget.


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