This week, I’m grateful for my mate Warren

Last week we said “seeya later” to a soldier.

Our mate Warren was a man who fought long and hard. In fact, much longer than anyone ever predicted, with dignity and honour, without a moan or complaint. He was a soldier in the war of cancer. There was no song or dance about it, he just got on with it quietly and did the best he could. He loved his wife and loved his kids. He loved his family, he loved his mates and he loved his South Sydney Rabbitohs. Most of all, he loved his Saviour, Jesus.

This past week, my absolute favourite part at the funeral was when his three mates paid tribute to Warren. It was such a powerful testimony. They stood up the front of our church of 300 plus people and declared how amazing Warren’s transformation was when he let God into his life. It was a life transformed, and the impact on his mates was phenomenal. God used Warren in ways he would never have known.

What a legacy, what a gift.

His was a life well lived.

The lyrics of Hillsong United’s Scandal of Grace played over and over in my mind that day. “Death where is your sting? Your power is as dead as my sin.”

It was a great farewell.

Last Thursday, the Bunnies played the Roosters in the Season opener at ANZ Stadium. We were blessed to have some tickets given to us and we took Tennesse and Sam with us.






When Souths ever scored, Warren used to get up on his seat and scream at them twirling his scarf or jersey around his head like a helicopter. Quite often on the Sunday night news you would catch Warren’s helicopter in the crowd.


We couldn’t stop laughing!



What a win and what a great start to the season!

Glory Glory to South Sydney. Warren would have been very proud and very happy.


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