Happy Birthday Hugh!

This afternoon on Facebook my status update read: “Today has been seriously off the charts magnificent”. This was a total understatement.

Today our close friends Mark and Erica (well pretty much Erica…) gave birth to Richie and my newest little mate… Hugh Charles Aitken.

I ran out of a training meeting this morning when Mark rang me to share the news. “Oh my goodness! What’s going on?” “I’m a father.” I just burst our crying with total joy when he said those words. “Oh Mate, that is amazing. Oh my goodness, I’m so happy. I can’t stop myself. I’m crying like a baby! That’s fantastic news!” I actually had no idea if it was a boy or girl for few minutes until I think I asked “Hang on what is it?” I was in such a state of excitement for them. He told me again that it was a boy and at that point I confessed that on Sunday night I dreamt they had a boy. I found out today that both my sister and my mum dreamt they had a boy too. Random! Anyway, Richie was away in Kempsey today speaking at a school Chapel for NAIDOC week, and kinda missed out a little bit of the excitement but Mark rang him to share the news and hopefully we’ll be able to go over and hang out on Sunday.

So Huey, HC, Ninja, Ninj, Ginger Ninja, Sarge, (these are just a little selection of nicknames for him and his parents don’t actually know yet :) – except Clare suggested Huey which I think is awesome) you are an absolute miracle and like I told you today, God has big plans for you my little mate. Can’t wait to watch you grow into the boy, and eventually the man, that God has destined you to be. You’re Aunty Bec was smashed with tears of joy today for you little buddy. Especially when you were thrown at me by your super-cool Mum for a cuddle: “Hi Aunty Bec, I’m Hugh!”



One thought on “Happy Birthday Hugh!

  1. What a dear little baby! When I was expecting Christopher, we were hoping desperately for a girl, but one night, I dreamed that I had a boy. I was very disappointed, but he was such a smiley baby that I couldn’t help but love him. The baby in my dream was called Christopher, a name that we hadn’t even been considering. When he was born, we still hadn’t decided on a name for him. After considering a lot of suggestions, and discarding them, I suggested Christopher after the baby in my dream, so that is what he ended up as. It means ‘Christ bearer’.

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