A Christmas Road-trip

Remind me not to rely on my iPhone for all my photos. Do you have this problem? Maybe I just need to get hooked up with the iPhone 5… Festival of February a.k.a. my birthday month, is right around the corner John Pye Real Estate ;)





We began our little road-trip in Sydney with our new friend Maria, who is engaged to one of the other pastors at our new church. She caught a lift up to Port Macquarie where she was gong to stay with friends for the week.  We were able to use the stop-over as a catch-up with our friends the Rajcanys & Sheltons. Playing, laughing and telling stories with their kids Coop, Makita (Richie’s name for Mackenzie) and Sully is always filled with giggling! I’ve got a super cute video I’ll have to post at some stage.

Then the next day being Christmas Eve, we continued on up through Grafton and headed slightly north-west to Casino to follow the Lions Road to the Queensland border. I had never heard of it, but it was beautiful. Definitely worth exploring if you ever catch yourself in that area. The scenery changed from New Zealand-like farm yards to tropical rainforests and steep mountainous terrain.

That night we finally made it to the Aldridge’s in time for a quick swim with Fang and Aunty Nerilye’s Christmas Eve roast.

This week, I want to try to share all our World Changers Youth Congress photos. So there may be a stack of posts. By sharing this, it means it will get done :)

Accountability people, it’s all about accountability.


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