Colour Conference 2012

This year I was able to attend Colour with my Mum and one of my besties.

Like always we had an amazing time.

I don’t want to spoil it for the girls who are attending Conference 2, but below are some instagrams from our time at the conference.

Hello Brooke – she is so gifted.

There were women everywhere! Heaps of pregnant women too!

This is Karyn enlightening Mum on some random topic – there were tears of laughter!

I loved this part of the program where they gave a bike. We were in tears.

I’m sorry, but I love this woman. Bobbie is hilarious! Plus she is full of wisdom and encouragement.

Some of the gems, or pearls of wisdom, I picked up from the conference include:

“Let’s be an oasis of peace in a world gone crazy.” Bobbie Houston

“Every seed of destiny needs to be sown in good soil.” Bobbie Houston referring to Psalms 92:12-15

“It’s very fashionable to save the world – let us not ever let the main focus be lost. We must point people home to the Father. People need clear signposts home. Home to God, home to Heaven.” Bobbie Houston

“How different our lives would be if we addressed ourselves and all around us were refered to ‘Most Loved Disciple’.” Beth Moore

“You are the SHE in the WE.” Beth Moore referring to John 20:2

“When Jesus was around, Mary Magdalene was identified not by her past, but now identified what she was delivered to.” Beth Moore

“You can’t afford to live in the ‘One day when…’ fantasy land.” Donna Crouch

“No matter how old we are, we are called to serve the Lord. We can’t lay down, we have to rise up and continue.” Betty Johnson, Pastoral Carer who lost her husband in the last 6 months.

“When we talk, nothing happens. When He talks, worlds come into existence.” Priscilla Shirer

“Don’t get caught up in your temporary circumstances that you don’t realise that eternal plans are being served.” Priscilla Shirer

“Don’t doubt Him, just come to Him. Don’t invest so much energy in debating and doubting, use this energy to seek Him.” Priscilla Shirer

“For the applause of Heaven, not of people.” Priscilla Shirer

“God: Stop gambling with my Grace.” Priscilla Shirer

“The Bible is a rescue plan for lost people.” Priscilla Shirer

“When you are marked by God, you don’t need to be marketed by man.” Christine Caine


If you are keen to read what my take-aways were from last year, you can read about it here


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