Wednesday Words to Live By – “Stir in me…”

Tomorrow is the start of another Colour Conference and I am very very excited.

I shot off early to the airport this afternoon, to pick-up Karyn who is coming with us to Colour for the first time. After a quick feast of Thai and a Dominos pizza pick-up we tore out to our church at Kellyville to feed the 15 or so kids who were practicing for the Combined SDA Schools Day of Worship with Richie. You want to know what Pastor’s wives get up to in the evening? “Oh Babe, do you reckon you can pick up 12 pizza’s for the kids?” “Yeah, righto.”

Searching around the internet this morning looking for inspiration for Wednesday Words, I found a set of beautiful photos of pen draawings on Flickr within ‘s photostream.

These are awesome! My favourites are July 31 and July 29 – please go and check out her stuff. I love her work and you can see it all here.

As mentioned, I love July 31 and July 29. But July 29 does stand out big time for me. I did a little research on where the inspiration for this card comes from. It turns out it comes from the song “Stir in Me” by Todd Proctor.  The chorus is truly on my heart and is my prayer going into Colour.


Hold me, break me
Mold me and make me more and more like You
I’ve come to worship You
Love You, fear You
Draw ever near You as I worship You
I’ve come to worship You


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