This week, it was my birthday…

I turned 31 on Wednesday.

It was a great day even though my husband was away on a school camp and I didn’t get to spend it with him, as originally planned.

Instead I had a great day out with my Mum.

This is what I got up to…

I was able to get a kiss and hug from my sister – HELLO morning eyes!

Went to Ikea with Mum… and found a rug with her name on it. Literally.

Went to Costco with the membership Richie got me and shopped up a storm. Purchased items included, but were not limited to, 2Kg’s of pitted kalamatta olives… ALL for me!

Went out to Dural to some of the nurseries and found some yummy figs. These were $10 a box – God’s own fruit!

I was in heaven…

Bit of cake and a cuppa tea to recoup.

Off to Hargreaves to pick up some supplies with Vanessa.

Then back to her place for birthday dinner of pizza and salad.

Happy birthday to me :)


4 thoughts on “This week, it was my birthday…

  1. Happy Birthday, Bec! May God be with you to guide and bless you during the coming year, and may you have many happy returns!

    With love from us all over here in cold, cold Britain!

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