Karalundi – An oasis in the desert

Happy Sabbath Blog Family :)

One of my New Years reVolutions is to catch up on all the blogging which I’ve either been too busy to complete or have just missed over the last (coming up to!) two years. That’s why we find ourselves here at my post on Karalundi. I’ve had this dear post sitting in my drafts since October and it is time to finish off and hit publish.

Seeing the beauty and experiencing the uniqueness of Karalundi was a dream come true. Honest. Mamarapha College and Karalundi were on the “Must-see” list of “Richie’s past”. Now, we just need to do a roadie up to Woorabinda, QLD and then the picture will almost be complete.

So here are a whole stack of photos of our time at the actual school. Maybe tomorrow… maybe this coming week… I’ll do a post with photos of our trip back to Perth. It was an incredible time and I honestly don’t think the W.A. series of posts are going to do the trip any justice. But hopefully it will give you a little taste.


P.S. This tour starts at the back of the property. If you want to walk through from the highway, scroll to the bottom of the post and work your way up!

Sabbath morning and Richie was gearing up to preach in church.

Brothers from way back – Pr Richie and Pr Darren

Pool – one of the fellas caught a snake wiggling its way through the hurricane fencing trying to escape his destiny. He got his head chopped off pretty quickly.

Beautiful contrast between the red soil and the green grass – the only green grass in a 500km radius I’m sure! Darren, Richie and Nathanael (Darren’s youngest son) are off to church.

Church building.

Richie preaching up a storm.

Admin building, school classrooms and play equipment.

I love the School Mission, Vision and Core Values – click on the picture to make it larger and have a read.

Brand spanking new school hall with meeting rooms. Thank you Australian Federal Government!

Karalundi General Store, Post Office and Cafe – it was Sabbath when I took these picts, that’s why it is all shut up. But come 9am Sunday morning, it was buzzing! You can even buy sushi here for lunch. SUSHI! In the middle of the desert!

Front-side of Church to the left and on the right of the fence is the teachers living quarters – where we stayed.

Up towards the care-taker and principals homes.

Background of the community of Karalundi.

Rules of the community – includes no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs and Richie says vegetarian kangaroos are allowed.

Front gates with Shakana early on Sunday morning…

There’s more to come!


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