“Shut-up, I love you!” – Our second wedding anniversary

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary Babe!

Last year, we celebrated our anniversary (big time !!!) with a Second Honeymoon to New Zealand. But this year, it is has been much more low-key, but by no-means less important, as we have just returned from a weekend in Brisbane at another fantastic wedding.

This morning I drove Richie to school and we able to have breakfast together at our new favourite haunt.

Our anniversary dates are all blurred and we still can’t remember when our wedding date was. We often say it is the 12th, because that was our dog-eared  date for the majority of our relationship moments… i.e. When we made it official, when he proposed etc… The 13th really did put a spanner in the works and confused us. SO! This year, we have strategically decided to adopt the 12th, 13th and 14th (for good measure) and just celebrate right through until Christmas. We will then be prepared for next year when we go away again… eh, Babe ;)

Shut-up, I love you! xoxo


2 thoughts on ““Shut-up, I love you!” – Our second wedding anniversary

  1. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, Bec and Richie! Richard and Piroska have just celebrated the 16th anniversary of when they first met, and they will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary this Christmas. It will be David’s 13th birthday on the 19th December, so he will officially be a teenager, and of course, it is your father’s birthday on the 24th, Bec, so there’s lots to celebrate this month. Also, I think it is Kendall’s sister Glenda’s birthday tomorrow.

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