Black Hawk down

What a random sight to see a Black Hawk sitting on one of the playing fields around the corner from the Cream Fibro in Thornleigh!

This last week, the Australian Army were flying from Richmond Airbase up to Williamstown and had to perform an emergency landing due to some instrument failing.

They ended up being there for days and sleeping in their swags under the chopper. It was so much fun going to visit every few days and see what had changed – it was always nothing.


This was my very first visit. It was like the chopper was a UFO.


The locals loved it.


When VP and MP first saw it, they were able to walk right up and have a chat with the crew. But then the local Police sent a few Police-ladies down for crowd control…


“Get off the oval” they warned us and all the Thornleigh locals.


I’m not saying who, but you could hear someone claim “This is our blinking oval. We pay council rates. We’ll get off when we want to!” ;)


These lads asked the pilot for a ride. He casually responded with “None of us are getting a ride for a while, Boys.”


Reinforcements arrived on the first night and they really didn’t seem to do all that much. According to some of the locals, the footy came out and the lads got to have a kick-around.


See the local nana up in the distance with the dog? Her response to the “Get off the oval” warning was… and I quote: “I’m taking my dog for a walk and you can’t stop me. I don’t care if you don’t like it, just go ahead and shoot me!” Classic.


On the Sabbath after church, I had high hopes of having a picnic on the oval with the magnificent view of the Black Hawk. My dream of people-watching and Black Hawk-watching was smashed when all my crew thought it was a dumb idea and vetoed.


We had finished lunch around the corner and heard an almighty roar which sparked a major exodus leaving everything out for the robbers and we high-tailed the two-minute walk up to the oval. Getting the low-down from one of the locals, this first initial take-off was just a test. Once all instruments proved reliable, they had planed to leave forever.


It was beautiful.


But it was sad too.


The pilots were super excited to get the heck out of there to have showers and grab new clothes after the week-long stint at the oval. Even though the local Mum’s all offered them cups of tea, a warm bed, the use of their bathrooms, clean clothes, roast dinners and even desert… I think they were over being the centre of attention.




“Get to the Chopper.”

Farewell dear Black Hawk – it was great while it lasted.

P.S. Watch the boys wave goodbye in the video – I think they secretly loved being there and feeling apart of the neighbourhood. This was really our own Pasha Bulker


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