Happy B’day Richie Reid

Today is Richie’s birthday and unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend it with him. He left around 5:30am, this morning, to go on a school camp.We got to celebrate last night where we saw Mary Poppins – Richie was in his element!

Flicking through a few old photos today, I found these from past November 20’s…

Circa 2007 – Tarago Reving Toolies on the Gold Coast. Party number 1 for his 30th Birthday.

Circa 2007 – The was the 2nd b’day party Richie had for that year. It was the night Richie turned 30 and the year John Howard lost the election.

Circa 1982 – For the record, Richie wasn’t turning 8. He just wanted a racing car cake from the Women’s Day Cake cook book.

Circa 2010 – Our friend Clare made this cake at Richie’s request.


Circa 2011 – Yesterday, Clare again was in charge of the cake baking.


Happy Birthday Babe – hope the kids spoilt you!

Love ya, miss ya xo


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