Our friend is in Dolly this month!

We were so excited when Dolly came out this month!


It wasn’t because the Twilight kids were on the front (boring!)… but because this month our friend Karina Parker is featured in  the December’s edition.

Our family have been friends for a very long time and her Dad baptised me when I was about her age. I have a vivid memory of the day Karina was born. We were in Year 9 and my friend Mark and I stood on the steps near the SAC school office debating whether or not she had arrived. We decided to call one of our mothers on the “Blue phone” and sure enough, Karina had entered this world healthy and happy. From that day on, Mark had to share his birthday with her… how bout that?

Anyway, the way the below article came about (I’m stretching my bad short-term memory here!) was that Karina was asked to do some work and a photo-shoot on a Saturday with Dolly after having an incredibly successful work-experience gig with them earlier in the year. She graciously declined and explained that it was Sabbath and her church day. They respected Karina’s dedication to her faith and to her values, so they ended up doing a piece on religion and faith and asked her to be a part of it.




We are so proud of you Karina!

You are a person who has worn her heart on her sleeve and that is something which is really tough to do as a teenager in today’s world.

Stay strong in your faith and keep to the path God wants you on – He’s got your back!


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