All this talk of spiders

On my first night alone last week while Richie was in Tonga, I found this spider on the floor of my kitchen.

At first, I looked at it and thought “meh, it’s no biggy.” Vanessa and I grew up on the bush and had frequent Huntsmen spiders occupy our hallway wall and more than often our bedroom wall. We called “Charlie” even though they were no-doubt different spiders every year.

With this Old Mate though, when I got closer to put this glass over the top, he got a bit nasty.

So Richie said that I had to kill. As an obliging and obedient wife, I put him to sleep with some special stuff from a spray-can.

I was kinda happy just to put the glass over the top and leave him there for the night. But Richie’s reasoning behind “YOU NEED TO KILL IT NOW, WHILE I’M ON THE PHONE!!” was because he predicted that I would back-flip if I came up the next morning and found an empty glass.

My 5-minute research on Google says that it was a “Black House Spider”. One website found here it says:

“The bite of the Black House Spider is poisonous but not lethal. Some people report severe pain around the bite site, heavy sweating, muscular pains, vomiting, headaches and giddiness. In any case, should you be bitten by one, don’t try to drive to the hospital. Call an ambulance.”

Have you got any spiders hanging around your place at the moment?


One thought on “All this talk of spiders

  1. I think a small-ish one of those came wondering through our house a few weeks ago. Andrew killed it at my insistence. I don’t mind spiders hanging around outside, but as far as I’m concerned they need to stay outside my house – or they die.

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