Later Skater!

Right now, Richie is on a flight to Tonga.

A couple of hours ago, he sent me a text saying he arrived safely in Auckland and that he got to watch Monte Carlo on the plane – he said “it was beautiful!!!”. You know that Monte Carlo is a chick flick, don’t you?!?! I love my husband!!

The reason for this trip is not to go soak up the sun on the beautiful white beaches of Tonga, but to preach at the Youth Rally this weekend held in Nukuʻalofa. It’s his first time to Tonga and I know it will be an amazing experience for him.

Yesterday, the below couple of photos were taken so he could show it in one of his sessions.

Some of the legendary kids with Polynesian backgrounds jumped in for a bit of fun – check out the kid on the far right pointing his tongue out! Classic!

Just as I was finalising this post, I recieved another text from Richie. This one reads:

“Onboard flight Auckland to Tonga and I can smell KFC in the cabin.”

Happy Times!


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