Congratulations Mr & Mrs Behrens

We had a great, but busy, weekend.

Big congrats to Jono & Janelle who tied the knot on the weekend.

It was a lot of fun! One of my favourite memories is listening to Denise (the Brides mother) describe how her 86 year old mother, Lorna, reacted in their first few hours of their stay at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Sydney.

Nana is such a gem and just tells it how it is. The last time Lorna stayed in a hotel was 40 years ago. Between the ceremony and the reception, Denise checked them in and took Lorna upstairs for a little cuppa tea to re-coop. Everything Denise told her to do or say she would respond with “Oh well, that will cost you” or “They’ll charge you for that”. i.e. The door-man opening her car door: “Mum you need to get out of the car, the man will help you.”… “They’ll charge us for that.” The bell boy bringing their luggage up to their room “Where did they get our luggage from?”… “From the car Mum. They’ve brought it up for us.” “That’s going to cost you.” Having an extra cup of tea in the room “Mum do you want another cup of tea before we go across to the reception?”… “They’ll charge you for that.” Denise telling you the story will have you in hysterics.  Oh Bless.

We stayed down at Bondi on Saturday night and woke up to this view.

I ran half way to Bronte Beach and back along the coastal walk-way passing a ton of celebrities out walking their dogs. What a life the “beach-life” is!

What did you get up to on the weekend?


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