Happy B’day Mark Aitken

My mate Mark and I have been friends since we were 10 or 11. It’s a while now… like 20 years.

Woahwah… that’s crept up on us.

Today is his 31st B’day. Happy B’day Schmark!

I could have chosen a sweet picture of us on the Kokoda trail, or at the summit of Mt Everest, or an old photo on a Pathfinder Camp when he use to sing soprano. But, I have chosen the video below for your viewing pleasure.

We recorded it one night at the orphanage in Cambodia where we, and our church youth group, spent 2-3 weeks in 2007/2008 volunteering (was it? My dates are all over the place…). As you will note at the beginning, it was originally made for his Dad, Gerald, who used to build the bush dunny’s on our Pathfinder camps at Barrington Tops.

Ahhh the old days camping with the Aitkens. There were no better Pathfinder Leaders than them.


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