Kate’s Dress and a day at Buckingham Palace

After all the reports over the last few days about the Summer exhibit and how many people have visited, and are expected to visit before it closes in October, I figured it was time to write my post on our latest visit to Buckingham Palace.

So do you remember how excited our household was over the royal wedding held earlier in the year? Just in case you have forgotten, you can read about it all here: There’s going to be a royal wedding!, Who’s excited people???, Royal Wedding Wrap-up

When we planned the European Adventure, I had told Richie that I didn’t care where we went or what we did, I just wanted to go visit Buckingham Palace, do the tour and see the dress. You may think, argh, that’s boring! BUT let me tell you it was ridiculously AMAZING!

“Smile, we’re off to see the Queen!”

“No we’re not. She’s not here… She’s at Balmoral!”

The Summer exhibit at Buckingham Palace included the tour of the state rooms, a side exhibit of the Faberge stuff the royal family own (uber boring) and the exhibit of the dress including video interviews and explanations from Sarah Burton. The Pye/Reid contingency was so engrossed in the tour that we lost each other along the way and met outside on the street after.

*Photo found here – Yep walked here.

*Photo found here – Yep, saw this stuff too. I love how intrigued Kate is here. Reality is the Faberge exhibit was ridiculously boring. Her dress was what everyone was dying to see!

*Photo found here – Yep, we stood here. It was awesome.

My favourite memories of the exhibit were finding dirt marks on the wedding dress (underneath the skirt which dragged along – we all have this on our wedding dresses…), discovering that Kate wears size 7 shoes (I had an “Oh My goodness Kate and I wear the same size shoe!” moment – the fact that size 7 is prob the average shoe size for women didn’t come into my thinking at all…) and seeing Wills and Kate deep cut in the (REAL!) wedding cake. To see her dress up close was just incredible.

Afterwards, I ended up having a coffee and a vanilla slice in the Garden Cafe out the back with me, myself and I. We had a fabulous time, thanks for asking.

Isn’t it cute?

If you have a chance to see this before it closes on October 3 this year – then go! It is totally worth the 17.50 pound we paid.

Hot tip: book online and make sure you go to the loo before hand, because the Queen doesn’t let you use her loo.


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