Happy Birthday Mum! You’re looking hot for 60.

My parents flew in this morning. They are pretty tired, but my Dad came back to work at lunch-time. After 30-odd hours of plane travel, he comes back to work within 3 hours of arriving home. CRAZY!

In honour of their return, I’ve decided to post about my Mum’s 60th which was on the 2nd of August.

As you know, or may not know, we celebrated Mum’s birthday as a family in Madeira.

On the day of the 2nd, we drove around some of the most beautiful spots on the island and Mum ended up climbing most of the way up the highest mountain on Madeira Island. It was pretty cool considering mountain climbing/trekking isn’t her cup-of-tea.

That night we headed out to a restaurant with traditional dancers for espatada to celebrate. It was a really fun night and we enjoyed the best espatada in Madeira. In all honesty though, I still think Marcus makes better espatada. The dancers ended up getting Mum out on the dance floor and we all sang Happy Birthday – she was loving it!

Afterwards we shot home and had cake and ice-cream to finish the evening.

It was a super fun 60th which I reckon she’ll never forget!

Remind me to fill you in on the Edinburgh Tatoo which we took her to as her present. That yarn is a whole nutha blog post altogether…


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