Happy Sabbath from Toulouse, France

Hi Team.

Happy Sabbath from Toulouse.

We went to church this morning and met some really nice people who spoke to us in English. This is a big deal for us, because we haven’t found a lot of people south of Carcassonne who do – our Frenglish is getting a massive work-out. The service was in French and I impressed Richie with how I sang along to all the french praise and worship songs. Just as we perfect our Frenglish, we’ll cross the boarder and start speaking Spanglish.

Back to our hotel we went for a relaxing arvo and Richie played YouTube vids of his favourite hymns. Hilariously, he sung along to every one of them. He came across this one which I felt I needed to share. The honky-tonk piano rules and the kid is a classic.



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