Paris Flea Markets – Les Puces de Paris – Saint Ouen

This arvo after a massive morning at the Louvre, I took Richie on a little adventure to the largest flea markets in the world – Les Puces de Paris at Saint Ouen.

On the day we arrived in Paris , I came across a little blog called Oh Happy Day via A Cup of Jo. This blog belongs to Jordan Ferney, originally from San Fran, now living in Paris with her family for a 1-year stint.

We followed her excellent directions down to the tee which are listed here and you could do the same next time you are in the neighbourhood. Just a warning, when you get out of the Metro station, you feel like you’ve hit the dodgy end of town and you want to turn around and go back home to the familiar touristy areas. Bite your lip, pretend you’re a local Parisian and just get walking.

Alleyways filled with treasure awaits you…

There is some rubbish here but there are some incredible antiques as well. I was hopping to walk away with a little something, but nothing grabbed me that was in the budget and could fit in the suitcase.

Stall after stall of interesting knick-knacks.

I really wanted to buy this chest, but didn’t but it because 780 Euro was out of the budget and it was never going to fit in my suitcase.

I liked these jugs too.

LOVE these vintage chests.

This green marble table would be great in our dining room.

This clock (Circa 1860) Richie would have picked to buy.

It was a cool 2800 Euro.

So here are my hot tips for the Paris Flea Market:

*Don’t go there with children who like to touch things – even the smallest of items can be worth a mint.

*If you use the bathrooms, they are unisex, they stink like pee and will take you straight to back-streets of Cambodia as they are also squat toilets. Be warned.

*When you walk down to the flea market from the Metro, don’t stop at the “Swap Meet” stalls (where all the fake stuff is – the guys selling sun-glasses/watches/handbags). Keep walking as per Jordan’s instructions. It’s not too far.

*Visit on a Sunday. We went on Monday but I reckon 70% of the stalls were closed. We saw heaps, but i can imagine the atmosphere when every single stall is open.  The markets are open Saturday/Sunday/Monday.

This was a day I wish my friend Karyn was with us. I know she would have loved it too.


5 thoughts on “Paris Flea Markets – Les Puces de Paris – Saint Ouen

  1. Bec I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven. That place looks amazing! I’m still shell shocked you didn’t buy anything. I think I would have bought an extra suitcase. X

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