An Afternoon at The Goring

The first couple of days on our first leg of the European Adventure has been brilliant.

Staying in Piccadilly, while in London, is incredibly central. Yeah its loud, but it adds to the atmosphere. To be honest, we’ve been too tired at night to notice.

Yesterday afternoon, Richie and I grabbed ourselves a London Cabby to drop us down to Beeston Place (out the back of Buckingham Palace) for an afternoon of Full Tea at The Goring.

We'll come back to you Ma'am - Corner of Buckingham Palace

What’s another word for brilliant? It was (INSERT HERE)!!!!!!!!

When we arrived, the maitre d’s asked what name our reservation was under and she replied with “Oh Yes, Mr Reid, you are guests of Mr Jeremy.” Mr Jeremy is Jeremy Goring – The owner. He is good surfing mates with one of our groomsmen and there were a ton of emails going back and forth between he and Richie trying to score an “affordable” package for a nights  stay. As it is peak season and the “affordable” package wasn’t in our affordable range, we opted for Full Tea instead.

So she continues, “Mr Jeremy would like for you to have a glass of champagne on him.” We thank her and say we don’t drink alcohol and she said, “What would you like instead, we’ll get anything you want. Would you like a mocktail?” I agree gratefully, and Richie replies with “I’ll have a coke, thanks.” CLASSY!

Lady Muck and Little Lord Fauntleroy

I think we drank 5-6 cups of tea each, and I ate all the Salmon sandwiches (and asked for a seconds refill), Richie dug into the Guinea Fowl and Mushroom sandwiches, we shared the Egg and Watercress sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, a selection of deserts, which truthfully, we couldn’t finish.

Sorry about the photo below – WordPress doesn’t want to let me rotate it. So rotate your head :)

"Repeat after me. The rain in Spain, falls mainly on the plain."

Look Clare, there's Bill getting into a cab!

Thanks Richie for the surprise and the fun afternoon – He had this all stitched up and only told me that we were going the day before leaving Australia. What a memory and a great story to tell the Grandkids.


12 thoughts on “An Afternoon at The Goring

  1. Ritchie ” Ill have a coke thanks”…You can take the boy from Brisbane but you cant take the Brisbane outta the boy

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