I heart Sabbath

This is the attitude in our house when Sabbath comes in…

Courtesy of netta

If it’s not done by sunset Friday, it can wait till after Sabbath on Saturday night.

It’s my guilt free day off and it’s God’s gift to me and I aint gonna waste it.

One of the many reasons I heart Sabbath.

On the running sheet for this weekend:

  • Dinner at the Parentals, minus John Pye – he’s somewhere in the Never Never of the Northern Territory bush walking with National Parks & Wildlife.
  • Maybe a little trail run or jalk (jog-slash-walk) down the Jungo before church with MP & VP
  • Church K-Ville style with Pot luck lunch – always a winner.
  • E-man’s (Emmett) 1st B’day Bonanza at W-Gah – this time last year we were on the road to Atlanta for the General Conference. The day this little nugget was born Clare woke us up with the news when we were staying here at the Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia.

Happy Sabbath people – Hope you have a great weekend.


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