Tiles, tiles, tiles…

Do you love a unrenovated bathroom and kitchen?

Heck, I do!

I mean for me when I hear someone’s home is unrenovated, I do a little dance (in my head!) and start dreaming of the tiles their home. It’s like Christmas when I walk through and discover the gorgeous orange tiles in the kitchen and the flower tiles in the bathroom.

I’ve been collecting pictures of tiles over the last month and last week my friend Brooke, over at Skapa Create pushed me over the edge with her really schmick tile blog post called “A night on the tiles”. It was time to get these beauties out of my iPhone to show off to the world.


Wet bar tiles in a grannyflat (within a house) we are selling.


Laundry tiles in a house we have just sold and settled.


Bathroom floor tiles in the same house we have just sold and settled.


Kitchen wall tiles in the same house as the two above.


Floortiles in the ladies bathroom at Narromine United Services Memorial Club.


Bathroom floor tiles in the Farmhouse at Currawah Adventist Aboriginal College.


MY FAVOURITE!!! Porch tiles at the farmhouse at Currawah.


3 thoughts on “Tiles, tiles, tiles…

  1. Oh Bec I absolutely love this post! i am a bit of a tile fiend also. Last pic is also my fav-LOVE IT!
    I am renovating a house at the moment, and the whole bathroom; walls, floor and vanity are tiled in a gorgeous 70’s green and purple paisley pattern. I hate to rip them out!
    ps: thanks for the honourary mention

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