Out the front of Bourke – Currawah Adventist Aboriginal College

The main attraction for us to do this roadie was so we could be at the official opening of Currawah Adventist Aboriginal College which was held on Monday afternoon. The boarding school is located half-way between Coolabah and Brewarrina in North Western NSW.



I’m lost for words to describe our time in the bush with these beautiful kids, and their carers and teachers. Each one of them are an absolute treasure and we can’t wait for each one of them to grow into amazing young men and women. They will be able to show their family and friends that the cycle can be broken and the gap can be closed.

At the moment there are 16 Indigenous 12-13 year olds who currently attend this new boarding school and they are all in Year 7. Some kids have arrived at the beginning of the year not being able to write their own name. The level of ability currently sits between Kindergarten to Year 5 – this won’t be for long! The teachers have already seen massive progress in the 6 months that the school has been operating.


The setting is stunning with the emus, brown snakes, wild pigs, amazing bird-life and kangaroos. It sits on the Bogan River and has a constant water supply.






This is our mate Tommy. He did a brilliant job of playing the didgeridoo in the opening ceremony. Nice Bunnies shorts Tommy.


The kids have StormCo T-shirts as their uniform for the moment until the kids design their new uniform with Uncle Leo’s help, the Indigenous chaplain, for next year.


The picture above is the kids and their teachers singing “Shine Jesus Shine” which got me all teary.




The Holy Spirit is moving and there is big vision for this school.


This is Teak (I think!) and he is exactly the same mix as our Rusty (Jack Russell x Maltese). He loves chasing pigs and playing fetch with anyone who wants to play with him. The kids love him to bits.

So there you have it, that was our adventure to Currawah. I’ll jump at the next opportunity to dash up the Mitchell Highway. In fact if you ever get an opportunity to go up there, you need to take it and  go.

P.S. We didn’t end up sleeping in the back of the car as there was a free room in the green fibro. LUCKY!


11 thoughts on “Out the front of Bourke – Currawah Adventist Aboriginal College

  1. This is just so awesome. I cannot being to say.

    I went on two Stormcos to Bourke – loved the place and the countryside around there, not to mention the incredible people. I remember having to adjust to the fact that the kids in Nyngan going to the programs mostly aren’t Aboriginal, like what I was used to from my Bourke trips! :p

  2. Lovely pics! I had such a giggle at Bogan River.

    The gap CAN be closed!! It’s so important to have places like this specifically designed for this kind of community. Especially for the kids just to know that they can make something of themselves. I bet they were excited to meet Richie!

    Loving the blog lately – keep it up :).

    xox T.

    PS: Rusty is a mini foxie x maltese.

    • Thanks for the encouragement :) Nyngan actually sits in the Bogan Shire, but I dont know if this property does… I had a giggle too.

      Anyway, on a more serious note, like you said, this is going to help close the gap for Indigenous Australians. It excites me!!!

      p.s. That’s so funny about Rusty – I always get confused cause strangers always say he looks like something different everytime. Some say he looks like a Pug and Chihuahua mixed with Foxie and Jack Russell.


      • Yeah, the maltese bit is what no one believes in my experience!

        It’s so exciting! I think they would have found Richie a real inspiration. A great example of how the gap can be closed and there’s no reason why indigenous kids can’t break away from that lifestyle. A lot of it is the mindset, I think, and if we can all work to change the mindset, to make the kids believe in themselves, then there’s no limit to what they can achieve.


  3. Bec thats so awesome, I watched the video of you’s driving in it was if I was right there with you. I felt so proud to see that flag blowing in the wind. This is a special place, thats going to make a huge difference, far greater than any government.

  4. I love – that in the video of the kids play didge – that you can hear my dad yell out (in the background) ‘Richard show em how to do it!’…and I have a visual of his silent laughing face – thinking he has made the best funny ever…

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