Royal Wedding Wrap-up

I know it’s like 2-3 weeks since the wedding of the year.

However, this week we received an invitation in the mail which reminded me that I needed to do a Royal Wedding Wrap-up.

What invitation I hear you ask?

This one:


…it’s a tad late. Of course, you know who in the family is apart of the above network right?

As you will see below, we enjoyed Royal Wedding  Fever by drinking tea, eating scones and jam, cucumber sandwiches and watching the whole show from woe to go. We’ve even downloaded the BBC commentary for us to watch at a later date. We’ve watched more of this wedding video that our own! There was a lot of gift giving too, but for some reason, Richie seemed to come up trumps… like normal!


The above was my welcome home present to Richie after being away for a few weeks in W.A. We chipped the tea-cup while watching the wedding. Cucumber sandwiches anyone?


Mum bought the cucumber sandwiches and the Woman’s Day… just for Richie.


Did anyone else take photos of their TV? I was wondering what the Archbishop was chatting to the Queen about here.

“Good morning your Your Majesty.”

“Arch! How are you this morning?

“Well thank you Ma’am. Have you turned your iPhone off? There will be no tweeting during the ceremony.”

If you want a bit of a giggle, have a look here for The Queen’s twitter account – clearly, it’s not her, but it’s a bit of fun.

Queen_UK Elizabeth Windsor – Text from Prince William: “OK Gran, I’m off! See you there! x” 29 Apr
Queen_UK Elizabeth Windsor – Have popped the foreign royals on a bus to the Abbey. The DoE is waving them off.  29 Apr  
Queen_UK Elizabeth Windsor – Ok, bring the car round, let’s get this show on the road. 29 Apr
 Queen_UK Elizabeth Windsor – Let’s rock. 29 Apr
  Queen_UK Elizabeth Windsor – Royal iPhone to silent. 29 Apr


Oh Bless, Kate, you looked AH-MA-ZING!


More and more and more magazines. When I complained about them all, Richie got his grump on, stormed off to the garage and came back with an old newspaper printed the day Princess Diana died. Oh my.


These official stamps came from Clare – What a legend.

One of my favourite tweets of “The Queen” that weekend was this one:

Queen_UK Elizabeth Windsor – Right, off to Sandringham with the DoE for a quiet weekend away shortly. Do not trash the palace, Harry. 30 Apr
Very fitting.

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