Life in a Cream Fibro

Soon my sister and her husband will be moving into my Ma and Pa’s house. It’s a fabulous fifties fibro.

It was a total mess but Marcus and VP (with help from Marcus’ parents and our Parentals) have given it a massive facelift – it’s really had dramatic plastic surgery a la Joan Rivers, except it’s really pretty, unlike Joan Rivers.

Soon they will begin their new life in a cream fibro. Have you ever read Alison Taits “Life in a Pink Fibro”? It’s a great blog and now I’ve suggested to VP to start herself a new blog called “Life in a Cream Fibro”. Original, hey?

Check out the nice Baltic Pine floors. (They are Baltic right Dad?) They were wet when we were there on Good Friday. Hence the top photo and this one below which I had to lean in through the door. My Grandfather built this home with his own two hands in the late 40’s – early 50’s. Dad was telling us that they lived in a tent on the land until Pa & Ma had enough money to build the garage. Then they moved into the garage and began the house. There was a massive shortage of building supplies at the time due to the war and the finish date of the home was extended. Finally Ma had her own kitchen and Pa had his own lounge room to one day watch man walk on the moon.









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