Plans for Easter

Have you got any? Richie is in WA preaching this weekend and I’m at home hanging. You know the usual church/cleaning/gardening etc… not all in that order.

Back just a few years ago (ok – so 2005 isn’t all that long ago is it?!?) my friends and I decided to go on a little road trip adventure which ended up becoming a little Easter tradition.

Can you guess who the Four Amigo’s were by the below mug-shot?  

 We ate Devonshire tea at Crackenback…


 Boys got lost in the maze…


Jan & Mark decided to strip off and go swimming in the sub-zero river. There was also another shot of Mark in his bright red undies which Clare emailed us and I’ve decided your eye-sight is too precious for me to include it.

We did some climbing too…

“Thumbs up for summiting Mt Koszi Becks!”

Clare sent these to Mark, Jan and I this afternoon. After having a pretty crappy day and a lot on, all I could think of is:


Thanks for making me smile Clare :)

Good times on the road to Jindy – Easter 2005.


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