Gabba Goodness – Woolloongabba Antique Centre – Take 2 for 2011

Everytime we visit Brisbane, I sneak in a trip to WAC. Can’t help it, I love it. A few weeks ago, Karyn and I decided to check out what was happening down there and on this day, candle-sticks seemed to be on the brain…

I love walking the aisles checking all the stores for the perfect purchase to shove in my luggage. The above candlesticks were OUT OF MY BUDGET, although I wish they weren’t.

Would have loved to grab a few of these frames, but I think they may have been too big for my bag…

Like I said, candlesticks were on the brain and as I turned a corner, there she was – it was like an antique store fairy tale.

Yep, $24 bucks people. Love it and my dining room table loves it too.

 These old newspaper adverts were classics.


I wanted to get the Johnson’s Baby Powder picture and frame it, until I thought of my future kids. They are going to be half Indigenous Australian and half Anglo Australian and I thought the crowned kiddies are going to be a little out-of-place in my household – so I ditched em.

These boots were hot, but the Indian feathers were amazing. I just couldn’t work out where I could wear them and store them, so I passed on those.

Often I can walk into this store and find something to buy. Besides the pink wall paper, it screams “Bec and Richie”. Except the big fork on the right. And the clock, I don’t like the clock on the wall on the right.

Hello lovely cake stand. If Karyn doesn’t buy you next time we are there, I’m buying you and taking you home to Sydney.

Does anyone know of a place as cool as Woolloongabba Antique Centre here in Sydney??? There is definitely a business opportunity for someone!


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