Richie’s New (ish-but-not-really) Chaplaincy Office

Today Richie had his first tertiary lecturing gig at Avondale College. He is taking two 2-hour  lectures on chaplaincy for the Theology students which continues tomorrow.

My favourite of Richie’s chaplaincy quotes is “My church may not have a steeple but it has a bell which rings every 50 minutes.”

With this gig in mind I thought it was time to show some picts of his new (ish-but-not-really) office. Really the Micah 6:8 sign writing is the newest addition to the office and it makes the whole kit-and-kaboodle feel new.

Like the mural and the red seats? The kids named them “The Hands of God”.

Can you see the Queen and John Howard in the photos?


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