UTS Represent

This lovely young girl, my sister, is going to be graduating in the next few weeks from the University Technology Sydney.

After the day I was baptised, and until I got married, Graduation Day was the best day of my life .  THE BEST.

I was told that it was going to be so boring and totally a waste of time, so I turned up with majorly low expectations.  Reality was, the sense of achievement was on par to climbing a mountain, especially with the adrenalin kicking in as I walked across the stage. I was lucky enough to push the boundaries and have a cheer squad of about 15 attend, unlike other poor  Graduands from city universities who are allocated a total of 3, yes ONLY 3 tickets. My support team, with Mum as the ring-leader, stood up and cheered, screaming my name as received my degree and did a little dance (Ok, so the little dance was in my head).

So UTS, cough up some more tickets so that I can see my sister take her degree in her hand and party like it was 1999.


THINK – of the poor family members who want to get into the assembly hall.

CHANGE –  your 3 ticket policy.

DO – give me a ticket already.

Do you get my drift UTS?


4 thoughts on “UTS Represent

  1. Just show up. For the Nursing graduation ceremonies I’m the person at the door taking tickets and we’re instructed to let those with tickets in and instruct the additional to the screen, then, right before the graduation starts, let anyone who’s waiting in if there are still seats. There’s also a spot where you can pick up other people’s spare tickets. I’ve not turned anyone away yet.

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