This Saturday I’m grateful for…

(1) Home cooked meals prepared by my Husbando…



Yep I got spoilt last night. He cooks a mean roast chook and salad. Yes, we are drinking Creaming Soda, out of the can with a candle-lit dinner. I tasted the food and told him that I didn’t need to go to Candelori’s this weekend. I’ve got it at home.

(2) Opportunities to laugh at work…


It’s all about thongs and suits, kids! And they ain’t our thongs. This is often what happens when we visit clients/potential clients in their home. You politely take your shoes off at the door and they politely offer you slippers/thongs/inside flip-flops. In the earlier part of our careers, we would always graciously thank them for their hospitality but then say “we don’t mind bare feet.” But now for us old girls, we just say thanks and pop them on. What’s it matter if we share footwear and get foot diseases? Ha! Joking… Guess who has the immaculately pedicured blue toenails – YEP, Georgia. I took this photo right after Georgia accidently stood on the back of my mens size 13 thong as we are walking up the side of the house and I went flying. Ok, so maybe you had to be there. I promise you if you weren’t laughing when I almost fell on my face, you would have laughed at the perfect fitting plastic Burberry flip-flops we put back on to walk back through the home to our own shoes. I love my job!

(3) My legendary Sister drove me to the hairdresser on Thursday night…


Don’t worry, I got permission to publish this pic. I have to say, my sister was the legend who braved the horrific traffic down to Balmain while Negative Nancy sat Shot-Gun and grumbled the whole way. I almost scratched my face off from the frustration of roads turning into parking lots. I’m also grateful that I live/work in a 5-10km radius. Can I get a witness?

This Saturday I’m Grateful For… is inspired by A Day In The Life Of Us and Maxabella Loves…


13 thoughts on “This Saturday I’m grateful for…

  1. “I’m also grateful that I live/work in a 5-10km radius. Can I get a witness?”


    Today I’m grateful for your blog, which I LoVE as it brings a smile to my face. Now if only someone could drive me to get my hair done…

  2. Great post, Bec! That dinner looks wonderful, and Emma looks fantastic as always. What do you think of her new salon?

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Sabbath.

    xox T.

  3. Your husband is a gem. I love that it was candlelit with cans. Perfect.

    I don’t know where you live, but I have never in my life heard of being offered someone else’s thongs to wear when you remove your shoes at their front door. I think it’s hysterical!! Cute pics. x

    • Ha! Everyone at work keeps reminding me that it is rare to have a husband that cooks. Yep he is a gem. He reminds me of it too “Bec Pye, you’re a lucky girl!”

      I’m a Real Estate Agent in Sydney and we have alot of Asian clients who we sell for. Bless em, they’ve always got the Burberry slippers ready for us! xo

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