Feliz Sábado

Happy Sabbath! I’m so thankful that Friday has come around so quickly again.

I’m hoping the running sheet for the weekend will look like this:

Sabbath – worshiping at the K-Ville’s Church Camp at Crosslands.

Saturday Night – maybe I could twist Richie’s arm to go to Candelori’s again (which reminds me I need to finish the post sitting in my drafts about the last time we went there) or maybe hanging with MP/VP?!?!?

Sunday – massive clean-up of the house and yard, including getting stuff ready for the curb-side clean-up. There will be an open house chucked in the mix from 11:30-12pm and maybe some pilates and some blogging – not at the same time for obvious reasons. Maybe cook up a pot of soup or a a roast chook to keep Richie happy.

Put your hand up if you love Council Clean-up or roast chook!

So hope you have a restful weekend.

Love you long time,

The Reids


10 thoughts on “Feliz Sábado

  1. My hand is up! Have an awesome weekend. My weekend? Hubby away and a friends 40th girls’ lunch on Sunday (I have even organised a friend to mind the kids). Whoop whoop! Love to you and Richie. xx

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